Issue 49

Each year starts with many predictions, anticipations and a lot of hope for bad things to go out and good things to come in our life. The year 2020 has already started with eventful initial months and may hold more surprises in coming times. To understand what’s coming from the design perspective, we featured some of the best design projects from last year. Also discussed a few broad questions like how minimalism will affect our designs or what all an illustrator to keep in mind to be successful and much more. So, if you are a curious designer or professional interested in design, then this issue is a must-read and is a collectable with a stunning cover design from Parvati Pillai.

Stories Inside

My Mind
1 min read
Sanjay Reddy’s curiosity and passions towards illustrations made him take a leap of faith towards art and design, post engineering. An avid doodler of cartoons since childhood, Sanjay holds a Master’s ...
The Sunshine Man
Society Masala Tea
The Future of Web and App Design

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