Is Minimalism Here to Stay?

Is Minimalism Here to Stay?

Is it about ‘less is more’? Is it about having a completely blank pack? Or white space around the design? What exactly is minimalism all about? It has been there for a long time but do we know the true definition of minimalism? Will it be a benchmark for good design in 2020? We ponder over some of these questions in a discussion with Elephant design team.
I feel minimalism is about ‘making the most with minimalistic elements’. It is about simple and clear communication without the clutter of unnecessary elements. It also helps give a premium and evolved image for the brand.

There is a lot of visual clutter on the shelves. How can a brand create an impact in an overwhelming environment? Many brands are going minimalist in packaging to better stand out on the shelf. It gives the consumer the right information in a clear way. It creates the perception of honest communication and helps the brand build trust. Too many claims make the brand look as if it is trying too hard. This overdone way of promising may sometimes result in loss of believability.

A lot depends on who the intended audience is. Just because something is in trend doesn’t mean one has to apply it to all. We must know our consumer. The Paperboat can go minimalist and have an impact on the consumer's mind but at the same time brands like 'Kurkure' where the philosophy is all about ‘Taste’ the pack needs to have a vibrancy, dynamism and abundance.

There has to be a difference in interpreting design based on the type of consumer. Evolved consumer vs. a consumer who is looking for value for money products needs to be addressed differently.

Several brands are adapting minimalism in their branding. They want their brand to reach out to the masses but want to remove unnecessary layers from their logos. There is a probability of creating strong brand recall if there are lesser but stronger elements in your brand visual identity. Visible, readable and feasible for print as well as digital are the primary benefits if the visual identity is crisp and sharp.

I believe Minimalism is a tool more than a trend! If you know where to use it, how to use with the right amount of proportions, you win!

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