The design has the power to solve any complex problem. Elephant using this power of design to create exceptional brands and develop amazing products for their clients. They have recently created many inspiring brand solutions

Divya Negi - Think

The phrase, “if you think you can, you can” is possibly the best way to describe Divya Negi, an engineer turned artist. While working at odd jobs to support herself after obtaining a Master's in

Packaging - Shreesh Shankar

Shreesh Shankar, founder of Sukkrish AADDS list seven sustainable packaging trends in 2020 that your brand can choose from.

Designing of Everyday Objects - Paul Sandip

Why does your soap dish look the way it looks? And why do you hold a spoon the way you do? You probably wouldn’t have lost any sleep over these questions, not even when they

Fashion Photography - Omkar Chitnis

Fashion photography blends commercial photography and fine arts. After you understand the communication objective, it is important to understand the role of different elements as well to fix the final frame. Fashion Photographer Omkar Chitnis

Hrishiraj Gawali - Art

Illustrator and Cartoonist, Hrishiraj tells us about his art journey and it is a reflection of the society. He believes there is no end to this journey as it is ever evolving and expanding.

Advertising is one such arena where one can achieve as much as they’d like; provided, that they’ve got the skills, talent and ofcourse the courage. Nasheet Shadani, believes it’s for every illustrator to make the

Minimalism-Elephant Design

Is it about ‘less is more’? Is it about having a completely blank pack? Or white space around the design? What exactly is minimalism all about? It has been there for a long time but

Quarantine - Aaron Pinto

Vibrant colours, dark themes and Metal would define the artist and drummer Aaron Pinto who shares the influence of art and music on his quarantine time.

Surreal - Iain Macarthur

In a time when we designs and artworks surround us all, the importance of doing things differently is what counts. Illustrator, Iain Macarthur from England, discovered a unique way to marry pencil and pen to


Basic colours and shapes, when used in the right rhythm, can change our perspective about the things we see around us every day. Rahul Khobragade has taken this approach to depict the birds of nature,

Tooth Company

The dentist is one person no one really fancies. Isn’t that true for most of us, out there? Not many cherish or take delight in the idea of going even for the “routine check-up”. That was

Traditional - Luis Pinto

Amongst the selected winners by Latin American Illustración 5, Luis Pinto is a Mexican graphic designer-illustrator based in Guatemala. His works usually range from brand/editorial illustrations to posters, cover art, murals and lettering. He desires

Clario Visual Identity

To make digital lives less risky and more secure, Conran Design Group, UK, has brought to life an entirely new visual and verbal identity Clario that humanises, personalises and simplifies cybersecurity. Here we understand how

VGC - Linen Club - Brand Identity

Linen Club is one of the top manufacturers producing pure linen fabric for over six decades. This pioneering brand has over 200 exclusive stores, more than 7000 multi-brand outlets, making them India’s leading linen brand.

Sajid Shaikh - Branding and Packaging

Fun. It’s what everyone wants. So why not give it to them? Incorporating this very insight in branding and packaging transforms a non-living object into a fun-filled experience, believes self-taught visual designer Sajid Wajid. More

Mira Malhotra - Indian Design

Mira Malhotra distinctly classifies the nitty-gritty of Indian design and the reasons why it is so different from design that comes out through most of the other parts of the world. To provide perspective, she

Art-Ma - Virtual Reality - The Mahabharata

The colourful Mahabharata written by Kamala Subramaniam inspired the Italian Artist Giampaolo Tomassetti to create the illustrative version of it and Art-Ma is presenting the collection through Virtual Reality.


Illustrator, Priyanka Karyekar, run us through the concept-based approach she takes to her work, and how that guides her process of designing her illustrations – right from observing to developing a strong concept, on until


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