Packaging Design

At times, we get stuck playing the tug of war between a client and designer so much so that we often forget about the product or brand in focus. Branding and packaging expert, Petar Pavlov

Furniture Design

What once was simply a carpenter’s job has now become an entire field in designing. Furniture design has evolved from the regular chairs and tables to more sophisticated forms. Redo Design Studio from Poland, believe

Paul Sandip - Indian Products Desiner

Product Designer and Innovation Consultant, Paul Sandip, shares his word on how to develop and create products that are authentically Indian, yet bear an international appeal

Paper Models

Most people have used paper as a flat surface; as a canvas to bring ideas to life. However, Atamjeet Singh Bawa delicately moulds and glues pieces to carefully create scale paper models of aeroplanes and

Lisa Rath

Visual Communications specialist, Lisa Rath tells us what are the key qualities she looks for when hiring a young communication designer.


Get ready to be surprised, intrigued and inspired as NIT, Trichy is back with its cultural fest of Festember. Mark your calendar from the 13th to 16th September, book your tickets and get going!

Japan Senses

Here is a campaign of Japan Senses that mesmerises the viewer by retaining its traditional style, yet embracing a contemporary outlook. Kahori Maki’s work is breathtaking and inspiring.

Harshvardhan Kadam - Creative Burnout

Harshvardhan Kadam faces multi-fold burnout; it can be creative, physical, mental and also sometimes emotional. He maintains, that burnout means you need an urgent break! But a break from exactly what? Harshvardhan shares his ways

Humour in own style

Conveying humour through ones an individual style is an art form, not so common to be found. Diego Gómez has mastered this and gathered a modest but loyal audience in a really short span of

15 Must Try Creative Apps for Artists & Designers - Creative Gaga

Artists and designers need to think beyond the normal. Ideas need to be constantly flowing and techniques need to be regularly upgraded. And these creative apps do just that. There are innumerable apps out there

Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love

Concept Artist, Raj Khatri, takes us through the step-by-step fan art progression of his favourite band, Iron Maiden. Starting with the initial sketches in the pages of his college notebook, he transports the sketching into

Chandan Wadhwa - Time for Rebranding

Is it the right time for rebranding? And what may be the pros and cons of missing this opportunity? Many questions surface in our mind when we think of rebranding. Here, Chandan Wadhwa, director of


Graphic Designer Anup Shah does wonders with calligraphy to depict stories and create an aura. He tells us more about his meditative designs and his gratitude for the guidance from his father, Kiran Shah and

In a world where technology is emerging as the winner, Aditi Dash tells us about how she tames technology to create memorable designs.


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