Surreal Illustrations

In a time when we designs and artworks surround us all, the importance of doing things differently is what counts. Illustrator, Iain Macarthur from England, discovered a unique way to marry pencil and pen to

Humour the Best Way - fill Dunsky

In today’s international world, being a freelancer means being available to the entire world. No matter where you’re from, one needs to adapt to various clients and cultures to create a portfolio. Fil Dunsky, from

Inspirational Logo Design Trends 2018

Thinking of how can a logo leave a long-lasting impression on the mind? Let’s dive into the ocean of Inspiring and trending logo designs and see what’s the best to keep the brand floating successfully!

Global Web Designers

The barriers have broken and the people unified, all thanks to the World Wide Web. For designers, it’s nothing less than a revolution. British freelance graphic designer, Chloe Galea, who now lives in Berlin, has

Enjoy the Process

Seerow Unni, a keen animator, takes us through his approach and process of designing. He sheds light on how he arrives at improvising in the course of designing, and why it is so vital to

establish yourself as a freelancer

Sri Priyatham takes us through his beautiful journey of establishing himself as a freelance illustrator in the digitalised world of today. Here, he also highlights the merits and demerits of being a freelancer.

Food-Stylist Payal Gupta

Eco-Honours graduate transformed into a food-styling expert, Payal Gupta, takes us through her detailed process of food-styling and what it really takes to be successful in the industry.

Focus on Users Experience

It’s happening; the focus of design is shifting from being brand-centric to being user-centric. Appiness Interactive, a digital consulting firm, believes that every design needs to ensure optimum user experience, not radical changes in the

Aditya Birla Group Branding

Ranked among the top four Indian Design agencies by The Economic Times, VGC has designed the third and even more dynamic avatar of the Aditya Birla Group logo.

Anna Virtual Reality

Artist-painter Anna Zhilyaeva, tells us how the new medium of VR (virtual reality) in the field of sculpting and painting gives the possibility of infinite ways to express creativity on a three-dimensional canvas, while still

Niche Fonts

Fascinated by Typefaces, Shibu P.G. guides us into the world of letters, where so much can be said even between the words.

Harmonious Patterns

Visual Designer, Khushboo Shree, takes us through her process of doodling intricate patterns and connecting them to generate a larger image; one that depicts and symbolises the strength of their harmonious co-existence.

Observation is Vital

Illustrator, Ernest Priego Martin, takes us through his approach behind making caricatures of various personalities. He speaks about the observation that goes into each of his works and the significance of watching carefully so as

Prakash Thombre - The Real Life Artist

Representing people is no small task, especially when each one is a complex amalgamation of peculiar moods, styles, experiences and so on. A sketch artist, Prakash Thombre, readily takes on the challenge of transmitting real


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