18 Free Calligraphy Fonts

Don’t just put a font for the sake of it, put it for creating an impactful impression on the reader. Browse through this list of 18 best calligraphy fonts to achieve your target.

Just be Inspired to Work and Happy at Heart

Changing jobs and switching fields never let Zigor Samaniego’s love for art die. It instead inspired him and gave him the strength to follow his passion and go ahead with what he really wanted to

Retro Roots Revived

New styles keep developing; that’s evolutions. Yet, they root out of the vintage, mostly. That’s why the illustrator, Bobby Evans, refuses to ignore retro and acknowledges it through his personal and professional works.


In the world of innumerable artists and their brilliant artwork, inspirations are everywhere. Follow the top 30 Indian illustrators and be a go-getter!

Capturing the Stories Behind Every Face!

Digital and Ball-point artist, Shital Verma, tells us about his process and idea behind creating portraits of renowned individuals from various fields and what exactly it takes to bring out their stories which create them

Change Through Architectural Structures

Architectural structures should inspire while shaping the future. Believes Nuru Karim of LIVE, or Laboratory for Interactive Visionary Environments. Here he explains how the projects transcend their initial purposes to create experiential spaces that connect people and places.

Capture Landscapes in a Better Frame

The photographer Jasminder Oberai shares quick tips and tricks to capture the landscape in better frames.

the Subject with Soulful Distortion

He observes, delves and emerges with his own version of reality. Caricaturist Shijo Varghese remains true to his subject while reflecting his observations. Concentrating on parts, he lets them come together to narrate the true character and spirit portrayed by unreal proportions. He

Ideas Kindled by a Flame of Self-Expression!

What happens when designs are an amalgamation of ideas and inspirations accumulated across the life of a designer? Graphic Designer Neha Hattangdi explores these possibilities by exuding her inner self in every design to instinctively

Products with Human Touch

By giving these products a personality, design can turn them into expressions of a culture and human emotions. Product designer Satyendra Pakhalé talks about the perceptions and process of creating products that bear this human touch.

Single Frame

Character designer, illustrator and storyboard artist, Ritaban Das, takes s through his own style of telling stories through illustrations in a single frame style of designing. He introduces his perspective that guides his ideas and

Overlooked Day-to-day Story

Concept Artist Renju MV discusses the process of creating an effective narrative by blending the knowledge of traditional mediums into digital tools and the interplay of line work and colours to convey the unique emotions

7 Ways to Keep Your Portfolio Edgy!

Not every portfolio skim its way to create an impression. It is important to keep your portfolio edgy in order to snag the hiring manager's attention or even land your dream job.

Fresh Web Design Trends

Considering how everything is progressively going digital today, the web scenario is fast evolving. With that, web design is becoming more relevant and significant than ever before. Read on to find out what these current


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