The Beauty of Women

The beauty of a woman is pure and refreshing; every man would agree. Spanish illustrator, Gabriel Moreno, is no different. Charmed by the raw beauty and behaviour of the female form, his artworks capture them

Overlooked Day-to-day Story

Concept Artist Renju MV discusses the process of creating an effective narrative by blending the knowledge of traditional mediums into digital tools and the interplay of line work and colours to convey the unique emotions

Brand Identity of Godrej Jersey by NH1 Design

The outdated brand identity of Jersey was redone by NH1 Design to communicate a contemporary and modern brand image to its audience.

Ancient Future

Finding the modern in the ancient is a matter of vision and desire, to renew the old in such a way that is thoroughly transformed in not only its form and look, but its very

Illustrating for a Publication

Wondering about the pros and cons of working for a publication or a media-house? Get an insight of what it is like to work for a media-house from the first-hand experience of illustrator, Gajanan D.

Client's Demands

To give custom solutions to the client one must understand their requirements and expectations. Though every client has its own uniques needs but to better understand the rapidly changing client's demands during the COVID pandemic,


In a world where technology is emerging as the winner, Aditi Dash tells us about how she tames technology to create memorable designs.


Concept & visual artist from Mumbai, Medha Srivastava takes us through what really motivates her work and depictions. Likewise, she introduces us to the process by which she executes what she wants to convey onto

Illustrations by Muhammed Sajid

Creative designer Muhammad Sajid discusses the roadmap to good illustrations, his love for Calicut and the nuances of being an illustrator.

Packaging Design by Akim Melnik

The brand name, list of ingredients and description as well. How do you fit all this into a limited space and still make it all look organised and appealing? Well, that’s why we have packaging


They say imitation is the greatest form of flattery. For a designer, it doubles up as a way to pay homage to an icon and inspiration. Digital artist Pankaj Bhambri re-creates a portrait of the


Leaf Design Studio shares their secrets, tips and tricks on the field of branding and designing, thus providing invaluable inputs while also sharing the woes, challenges and hurdles which aroused due to the global pandemic.

Designing a room can be a fun experience but at the same time, it can be tricky too. You can experiment with textures, colours, style, furniture and the feel. You can fulfil your dream décor

Illustration by Parvati Pillai

Illustrator, Parvati Pillai, tells us how trying out new styles and forms of illustration are key for a designer to grow at one’s craft and expand one’s scope of work in current context.

Brand Identity by Elephant Design

The brand identity was done by Elephant Design to ensure ancient Indian millets could make a comeback into the market in its raw, authentic and unprocessed form. The millets were highlighted as healthier alternatives that

7 Questions Every Designer should always ask from the Client!

After completing my MBA, I joined an advertising agency where I fell in love with the whole concept of designing communication. For two months, I used to sit next to my graphic designer friends and


The real world is rich in experiences. But the one created by our imagination has greater possibilities. Inspired by the latter, Ishan Trivedi lets his brush loose when he goes on a fantasy drive to


The human brain is a fantastic library of images. The more you watch the world around you, the more it gets enriched. All one needs to do is to observe every detail around very closely,

Pandemic - Febin raj

Encouraging us to make the best out the situation, Febin Raj cheers us to turn our obstacles into opportunities as the world ghts this deadly pandemic.


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