Paul Sandip - Indian Products Desiner

Product Designer and Innovation Consultant, Paul Sandip, shares his word on how to develop and create products that are authentically Indian, yet bear an international appeal


Get ready to be surprised, intrigued and inspired as NIT, Trichy is back with its cultural fest of Festember. Mark your calendar from the 13th to 16th September, book your tickets and get going!

15 Must Try Creative Apps for Artists & Designers - Creative Gaga

Artists and designers need to think beyond the normal. Ideas need to be constantly flowing and techniques need to be regularly upgraded. And these creative apps do just that. There are innumerable apps out there

Tutorial The Poster of Pure Iron Love

Concept Artist, Raj Khatri, takes us through the step-by-step fan art progression of his favourite band, Iron Maiden. Starting with the initial sketches in the pages of his college notebook, he transports the sketching into

Chandan Wadhwa - Time for Rebranding

Is it the right time for rebranding? And what may be the pros and cons of missing this opportunity? Many questions surface in our mind when we think of rebranding. Here, Chandan Wadhwa, director of

In a world where technology is emerging as the winner, Aditi Dash tells us about how she tames technology to create memorable designs.

September Events 2018 - Creative Gaga

With September almost hitting the calendar, don’t lose out on a minute more! With lots of creative platforms organizing workshops and events this month, sign up for something new, look out for your best suitor

Basic Shapes olours 7- Creative Gaga

Basic colours and shapes, when used in the right rhythm, can change our perspective about the things we see around us every day. Rahul Khobragade has taken this approach to depict the birds of nature,

Illustration Graphic Designing - Creative Gaga

We live in a world where everyone around is a character, playing a role for some reason. Art Director, Saurabh Chandekar, takes notice of every day people and reveals his interpretation of them using contorted

2016 Games Identity Reimagined

Publimark Lowe toyed with the idea of having the 2016 games organized in their country, Costa Rica. They decided to explore the scope of brand Identity for the venue if it were hosted in one

Traditional Influences

For an artist, the images you grow up with, linger on for long. As you grow, you think of recreating them, basis your understanding and expertise. That’s exactly what designer Sandeep Menon does with a

Portraiture, as an art form, is much older than photography. Great masters have spent their lives learning this art. Vikas Sharma, a self taught photographer, finds himself in the same pursuit. He shares some of

Anuj Prasad

Don’t jump to the conclusions and enter into a world of assumptions, wait till The End, know the reality and live on peaceful terms for the time after completion of a project. Anuj Prasad from

Trailer For a Video Game

The animation studio, Bandiguapo, worked on the game trailer and brought together a bizarrely fascinating concept.


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