Apple's secret mysteriously revealed? iMac 2021 – the latest chatter amidst creative geeks. Here's taking a look at what exactly is cooking.

Animated Explainer

The Internet is filled with free Animated Explainer Video Softwares that are easy to use. But you need the best for your brand! Which is why we’ve created a list of online tools to help

UI Trends 2021

As designers, our solemn duty is to understand and implement the latest styles and quirkiest trends out there. And we here to help you on this quest by throwing light on some of the latest


Women, the kind around us, represent two faces of existence. One, which is treated like a commodity, shackled in the age-old misdoings of the tradition. And the other which is breaking all boundaries to follow the

Caricature by Chetan Patil

When we look at great art we are amazed by its perfection. But what is carefully hidden from us is the toiling and hard work that goes behind the perfect piece of art. Chetan Patil

Digital Illustrations

Gal Shir is an Israel based self-taught digital artist who creates beautiful digital illustrations on iPad Pro, iPhone using Procreate App and Apple Pencil. He has been freelancing since the age of 16 and worked


Changing jobs and switching fields never let Zigor Samaniego’s love for art die. It instead inspired him and gave him the strength to follow his passion and go ahead with what he really wanted to

Medical App by Redd Experience Design

A medical app bringing care, comfort and convenience to your fingertips. Here is a peek behind the magician's curtain to understand the design elements and the effort that went into creating the Cloudnine Mobile application.


There are stories hidden in faces and bodies. Exaggeration brings them to the fore. A good caricaturist lives the subject and discovers the multiple facets that make the story. Caricature artist Manoj Sinha reflects while

packaging design by Swt.Co

Packaging has gradually evolved from cardboard boxes or covers to keepsakes. As people realise the creative hard work behind beautiful packs, this hidden space is burgeoning to become a field full of innovation and potential.


Anant Ahuja, at the age of just 23 founded a design practice, Inchwork, based out of New Delhi. Overcoming obstacles and fighting off challenges for two year, his firm now boasts of clients like Adidas

Branding of Irasva

Due to jewellery’s uniqueness and exclusiveness, it has been one of the most significant luxury assets throughout history. Landor & FITCH and Renaissance Global have collaborated to celebrate the relationship between women and jewellery, making

Fashion can be presented in various ways but understood by an individuals the way they wish to see it. Richa Maheshwari has explored the digital lens to create still imagery, conveying an artist’s thoughts to

Illustration by Shashank Mishra

We go through many interesting design projects each day and find them inspiring enough to be shared further. Projects which have the potential to inspire and spark multiple ideas. So, here is a few selected


LA-based freelance concept artist and illustrator, Shreya Shetty, shares her insights about handling and organising finances as a freelancer, so that it no longer feels a daunting task.


Art is an expression of yourself, whether you work with a team or not, the design is all about putting yourself out there. Thinking creatively, acting spontaneously and satisfying a wide spectrum is what Abhishek

Here are 15 Indian #artists that, through the infusion of our traditional heritage with modern styles, have created impactful #wall #art and installations, leaving a legacy in the spirit of preservation, expression, and #inspiration for

visual designer

What sets apart successful designers from the rest? In our hunt for this answer we came knocking at the doors of Simoul Alva, an up and coming yet very successful Visual Designer and Art Director.


Ben Kwok, who got his BFA in Illustration from California State University, Long Beach, takes us through his own experinces and insights gained as a keen illustrator.


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