Digital and Ball-point artist, Shital Verma, tells us about his process and idea behind creating portraits of renowned individuals from various fields and what exactly it takes to bring out their stories which create them

Branding Design

It’s not just the design, the elements or the colours in an artwork that blow us away. It’s the concept; a force that resonates from the designer to the audience. Edmundo Moi-Thuk Shung, a graphic

Digging Details

A visual artist in the form of a cartoonist and animator, Manoj Sinha shares his process and details of his work one bit at a time, in order to achieve the right balance across aspects

In today’s world where problems are evolving, so are the needs and desires. “As a product designer, you need to incorporate a solution in your design. And how refreshingly and creatively you can do that


Gone are the days when Illustrators used to take the back seat in the advertising world. With things today, they’re emerging as the forerunners of some amazing and memorable communication that is being recognised. No


Sushant Ajnikar, who draws inspiration from the vivid display of India’s art and colours, a designer in his office, but a parent to homeless little pups on the road, a caring husband to a worried

This century belongs to creativity and innovation. In everything we do. The way we live is a lot different from what it used to be earlier. Our engagement to shape our future has become intense


Imagine a rickshaw puller who sits majestically in his vehicle, like a king, murmuring an old song, that’s one of those moments, which brings rural India alive. And that’s exactly what watercolour artist Rajkumar Sthabathy

Freelance illustrator, Pratima Unde, takes us on a journey of depicting human emotions on canvas. She thereby describes and provides insight on how it requires one to dive into the depths of the subject’s personality,


Paintings don’t just have a layered concept but also layered design. What might appear as uni-surface and simple, actually goes through various complicated and calculated processes in the digital world today. Illustrator Rahul Sharma uses


An illustrator and cartoonist, Charbak Dipta gives us a peek into his world of inspiration and then how he transforms his ideas into mesmerising artworks.

To be a success story, one needs to dedicate and devote two hundred percent from your heart and of course, be blissful at heart. Alicia Souza is one such example to know about and be

Indian Mythology

Palehorse, an illustrator from the US is highly influenced by Indian mythology and Gods, which is reflected in his art. From creating abstract manifestations of Ganesha to showcasing glimpses of Ramayana, his work has a

Pune Design Festival

Designers are always in search of inspiration and exposure to keep their creative hunger alive. And what is better than interactions with experienced personalities and attending hands-on design workshops to keep their artistic ideas flowing?


Body form is a work of art in itself. Its design is like no other creation on Earth. Fascinated by this at a young age, Commercial Photographer Sanket Sanjay Khuntale decided to capture nude body

Single Frame

Character designer, illustrator and storyboard artist, Ritaban Das, takes s through his own style of telling stories through illustrations in a single frame style of designing. He introduces his perspective that guides his ideas and


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