Film Creation - Rocket Science Labs

Rocket Science owned by Rajesh Thomas and Vidya Thomas takes us through the creative process involved in its diverse film-making, and introduces us to the changing trends and their impacts

Motion Graphics

Branding and commercials are no longer limited to 2D visuals and graphics. With the evolution of technology, the way of story-telling has gradually transcended into motion. Motion graphics enables experimentation

Matharoo Associates House

Matharoo Associates believe in the clear emphasis on functionality, use of materials in their natural form and exercising restraint while designing. Their buildings are designed to unfold and reveal their

Wonderfully Chaotic

Tapping into a world that’s wonderfully chaotic, digital artist Satish Gangaiah integrates new-age technology with traditional art to bring out the central and common pursuit of his core project –

Photography Occasion

The fashion photographer lists down the essentials to capture those moments that make an occasion special.

zee cinema rebranding

The changing times call for every channel to rediscover themselves often and to refresh their brand as a whole. Zee Cinema approached Dynamite Design to revamp its brand undergoing a

Winter collection

Tapping into adversities our society faces on a day-to-day basis, Siju RS art directs a campaign that attempts to call out to the conscience of the onlooker and prompts for

Bombay Brasserie - The Indian Culinary Expert

Design Stack runs us through their approach, idea and process behind providing a concept-based branding solution to culinary experts, Bombay Brasserie.


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