It’s interesting how all of us grow up with individual memories and experiences. It’s fascinating how transforming these memories to stories can create opportunities of telling unique tales that can emotionally connect to a universal

What do you do when you receive an Amazon package? Like many of you, I pick up the cutter and cut it into pieces to quickly see what’s inside. After all, the box is just


Graphic designer, Itu Chaudhuri, lets out his experience and insight in the field of branding. He expresses what goes into creating effective brands, and the various aspects or elements that play a role in the

Harshvardhan Kadam faces multi-fold burnout; it can be creative, physical, mental and also sometimes emotional. He maintains, that burnout means you need an urgent break! But a break from exactly what? Harshvardhan shares his ways

Illustartion by Illustrator Saurabh Chandekar

Illustrator Saurabh Chandrekar explains how kept himself open to every brief throughout his journey of being an artist/ illustrator and how his style has evolved with him.

Packaging Design - AVCD

People are not too fond of throwing things away, and in the recycle-reuse world of today, people find ways to use small little things for their own unique purposes. Whether it’s a tin tea leaves


Shifting through several fields, Bhumika Jangid finally found her true calling, that is art. Upon graduating in the field of science and completing her MBA, Bhumika began venturing into the realm of art when she

Architectural design by Nuru Karim

Architectural structures should inspire while shaping the future. Believes Nuru Karim, Founder & Design Principal of NUDES. Here he explains how the projects transcend their initial purposes to create experiential spaces that connect people and places.

Characters and their stories are but reflections of imageries that surround us. No wonder then, a glance at any of them and we find a commonality. Freelance artist Devaki Neogi explains.

Graphics by Prateek Vatash

Graphic artist and designer, Prateek Vatash has specialised in 3D and 2D techniques and combining them together to form vivid and vibrant graphics.

Designers - Ramanjit Kaur Gabri

With the dawn of digitalisation came a new era. It was a second life for many designers, believes caricature artist Ramanjit Kaur. Here, she tells us how to make the most of this exciting time

Whether a hero or a villain, God or Goddess, in an illustration they’re all storytellers. Artist and graphic novelist Abhishek Singh believes that a character is the fulcrum upon which the entire story rests. He


Chaitanya studied Character Animation at the online Animation school, AnimationMentor. He is an illustrator, animator and visual storyteller, who always enjoys bringing stories to life and evoking emotions through his work.

Illustrations are taking place in Indian Brands

Art is once again gaining its momentum among the public thanks to the influence of social media. Hence, we at Creative Gaga wished to understand and shed some light on the role and importance of

Type Design

A Visual artist playing with abstract ideas through the medium of Type design, NID student Syddharth Mate expresses his feelings about the contrast in the changing and everlasting qualities of life.

We go through many interesting design projects each day and find them inspiring enough to be shared further. Projects which have the potential to inspire and spark multiple ideas. So, here are few selected one

Watercolour Artist to Follow on Instagram

Art has no genre, religion or language. It makes you feel the beauty of freedom. It is a free expression of the human mind, senses, ideas and feelings. Here are works of some prominent watercolour

Calligraphy - Anup Shah

Graphic Designer Anup Shah does wonders with calligraphy to depict stories and create an aura. He tells us more about his meditative designs and his gratitude for the guidance from his father, Kiran Shah and

Brand System

In a want to make the UI and the internal functionality of the brand as easy as the services the brand provides to its users through its app, Uber teamed up with Wolff Olins to


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