Packaging has been for long an ignored discipline of design. But the trend has changed nowadays, and it is becoming an exciting space for designers to showcase their artistic and innovative skills. Graphic design studio,

Digital Portrait of Scarlett Johansson

It’s a digital age, one doesn’t need a subject to pose before them for hours, simply a photograph is enough. Graphic design student, Sri Harsha Andukuri takes us through a step by step guide on

Pandemic - Illustration by Arshad Sayyed

Pandemics have always forced people to break with the past and imagine their life anew. Recently the whole world has come under the siege of the Coronavirus. Resulting in every human is trapped in his

Corona Lockdown Illustration by Ranganath Krishnamani

Through original and vibrant illustrations, Ranganath captures the look and feel of Coronavirus induced pandemic. Here is a conversation to unravel the art, colours, style and mindset of the artist battling the quarantine.

Characters - Nikhil Shinde

Creating a real-life or a reel-life character is like putting various puzzle pieces together. It’s easy to see someone and say ‘I recognise that person’, but drawing from scratch is a different thing altogether. Illustrator

Animation - Dhimant Vyas

The animation is for everyone! Dhimant Vyas, the veteran artist and animation film designer, throws light on the future of animation and the role it plays in education.

Artworks - Osheen Siva

An interesting approach to creating illustrations, Osheen Siva finds inspiration in her own thoughts, dreams and even nightmares. Unique and quirky colour combinations and a distinctive style can be seen in all her artworks.

Mural artist Shahul Hameed unravels his secrets to remaining cheerful, positive and hopeful as we endure these stressful times while staying at home.

We go through many interesting branding projects each day and find them inspiring enough to be shared further. Projects which have the potential to inspire and spark multiple ideas. So, here are few selected one

Traveling - Sukanto Debnath

Shantiniketan, Hyderabad and now in Scotland, traveling and working in this diverse environment have given Sukanto Debnath a vision to cater to a range of clientele and dip his feet into a global palette of


Today, the business sector has gotten even more competitive than it used to be. Businesses are scrambling on to win the hearts of their customers, both old and new. The focus here goes beyond merely

Preeti Vyas - Pitch

Acclaimed Chairwoman and Founder at leading design and communication consultancy, VGC, Preeti Vyas deploys her experience and knowledge gained through the years to share with us the nature of competing in the design circuit, and


The art can not be described in a single frame as it has no genre, religion or language. It makes you feel the beauty of freedom. It is a free expression of the human mind,


There are stories hidden in faces and bodies. Exaggeration brings them to the fore. A good caricaturist lives the subject and discovers the multiple facets that make the story. Caricature artist Manoj Sinha reflects while

Vivek_Feature - Amitabh Bachchan

Faces are an interesting subject, and often we come across one that has an expression telling a story. Vivek Arvind Mandrekar saw one such story in Big B’s facial expression and captured it by means


Design Stack developed the brand identity for Ether Atelier Chocolate, an exclusive range of artisanal chocolates. The project included designing the packaging for an assortment of tablets, pallets and bonbons as well as limited-edition seasonal


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