WK Kellogg Co Introduces Custom Typeface!

WK Kellogg Co Introduces Custom Typeface!

Collaboration with XYZ Type and Plau brings iconic logo's spirit to life in new corporate typeface.

WK Kellogg Co, the North American food company stemming from Kellogg Company's recent division, unveils a bespoke typeface designed to pay homage to its founder, Will Keith Kellogg. It partners with XYZ Type, Plau and Brunswick to craft a bespoke typeface that encapsulates the essence of its celebrated brand.

The creation of the new typeface marks a significant milestone in WK Kellogg Co's journey toward redefining its visual identity post-separation from Kellogg Company.

Harlie Brindak, Creative Director at Brunswick Creative, expresses gratitude for the collaborative process, stating, "XYZ was an incredible partner throughout this process. In this particular case, we were working from a singular point of reference, and a globally recognised one at that: the current Kellogg’s logo. And while it’s distinctive, there was much to be defined for the typeface. Through their research, imagination, and skill, they were able to build a completely natural and beautiful script that feels as though it’s always existed. I can’t thank them enough."

The development of the custom typeface involved meticulous research and collaboration with Rodrigo Saiani from Plau. Drawing inspiration from Kellogg's packaging and advertising history, the team delved into vintage lettering and sign-painting manuals from the early 20th century to capture the essence of the brand's iconic logo.

Initial sketches by Mariana Navarro of Plau
Initial sketches by Mariana Navarro of Plau

Designing a script typeface that remained faithful to the Kellogg's legacy while ensuring legibility posed a unique challenge. With a focus on maintaining clarity and authenticity, the team navigated various design decisions, including adjustments to the iconic 'K' and crafting lowercase letters that complemented the logo's dynamic aesthetic.

For Ben Kiel from XYZ, the ultimate goal is practicality. The typeface must excel in real-world scenarios, from corporate presentations to packaging labels, without relying on intricate OpenType features. By prioritising usability alongside aesthetics, the team ensures that the font's impact extends far beyond the cereal box.

As the new typeface takes its place in WK Kellogg Co's branding arsenal, it pays homage to the brand's storied legacy while embracing the demands of a modern audience.

Project oversight: Stacy Flathau (Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, WK Kellogg Co)

Design agency: Brunswick Group

Creative direction: Harlie Brindak (Brunswick Group)

Type direction: Ben Kiel, Jesse Ragan (XYZ Type)

Typeface design: Rodrigo Saiani (Plau)

Lettering assistance: Mariana Navarro (Plau)

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