Disney Plus Unveils New Logo!

A minimalist makeover sparks speculation.
Credit: Disney Plus
Credit: Disney PlusLogo Redesign

Disney Plus, known for its vast library of beloved classics and original content, has sparked discussion with the rollout of its revamped logo. Gone is the sweeping gradient leading towards the iconic '+', replaced by a minimalist white emblem on a teal backdrop. The change, which has already appeared on Apple's app store and various platforms, has yet to make its debut on Google Play.

There are many theories circulating about the reason for the redesign. Some speculate that it is due to the merger of Disney Plus with Hulu, which prominently features the color green in its branding. However, since there has been no official announcement, fans are left to guess about the actual reason behind the change.

Credit: Hulu
Credit: Hulu

Industry experts are speculating that Disney Plus may have changed its logo to stand out from other streaming services that use blue and white in their logos. However, some critics discuss that the previous design was already unique and easily recognisable.

Old vs New
Old vs NewLogo redesign
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