A Showcase of Creative Evolution in Graphic Design!

A Showcase of Creative Evolution in Graphic Design!

Collaboration with "AGENC" Amplifies Showcasing and Feedback for Graphic Design Students.

Students and industry professionals alike converged in Delhi on March 16th, 2024, as MIT Institute of Design's Graphic Design Department orchestrated a visionary portfolio review event dubbed "OlioFolio." This collaborative initiative, held in partnership with "AGENC – A Generation of Creatives," provided a dynamic platform for budding talents to showcase their evolving skills and receive invaluable feedback from seasoned experts. Co-founded by the visionary trio of Adishree Singh, Anuradha Thirani, and Richa Sinha - all distinguished alumni from Parsons, the New York School of Design – women-led ‘AGENC’ stands as a beacon of creativity across fashion, music, art, and design.

Led by HOD Prof. Mathew Kurien, the event commenced with a captivating presentation highlighting the essence of MITID's Graphic Design Department. The team behind the brand identity of "OlioFolio" elucidated the concept behind their design, emphasising its symbolism of continuous learning and individual growth.

OlioFolio refers to ‘a platform to connect'. It is defined as work in progress- a theme that deals with the continuous learning process. The identity mirrors the beautiful chaos of crafting a portfolio, a raw journey in constant evolution. Just as no two handprints are alike, no two portfolios are identical; they are a testament to every student’s individuality and progress. Each unique handprint symbolises growth, experiences and aspirations.

This set the stage for a series of enthralling presentations, including showreels by Richa Sinha and Harjot Singh who enlightened everyone about their work and process at AGENC, Priyanka Thakur from DK who spoke about their global publications and Bharat Sarwiya who mesmerised one and all with his motion graphics.

A series of engaging presentations followed, featuring insights from industry luminaries such as Kanika Vashisht, Aditya Chakravarty, and Neha Bhandari from Landor, Priyanka Thakur from Dorling Kindersley, Bharat Sarwiya from Jump Studios, Naveed Hussain Santosh from CentDegres, Rajnish Kashyap from Spiritnoise, and Dhruv Vyas from Rajiv Sethi Studios.

As students engaged in meaningful interactions with these stalwarts, the event underscored the transformative power of creativity and craftsmanship fostered within MIT Institute of Design's Graphic Design Department. "OlioFolio" transcended its role as a mere talent showcase, emerging as a testament to the collaborative spirit and dedication to excellence driving the design community forward.

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