Old (left) vs New (right)
Old (left) vs New (right) Credit: Lamborghini

Lamborghini's Iconic Bull Gets a Modern Makeover with New Logo Reveal

Lamborghini's Timeless Logo Receives a Modern Twist.

Lamborghini has revealed its "brave" new emblem, signaling a nod to tradition and a bold step towards the future. While some may find it challenging to spot the differences from its predecessor, the Italian sports car manufacturer assures enthusiasts of its commitment to authenticity and innovation.

The updated design features a broader Lamborghini typeface and minimalist yet striking colours, with black and white reaffirming the brand's identity, while yellow and gold accents add vibrancy.

The most notable change lies in the bull emblem, which now stands independently from the classic shield, symbolising Lamborghini's desire for greater prominence and recognition. This transformation extends to digital touchpoints and will grace future vehicles, seamlessly integrating with the brand's distinctive identity.

While some fans have pointed out the striking resemblance to its predecessor, Lamborghini's decision to maintain continuity underscores the timeless appeal of its logo. In an era where simplicity and heritage reign supreme, the brand's subtle evolution pays homage to its rich design legacy while embracing the demands of modernity.

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