VGC Rebrands Lemma for Global AdTech Ambitions!

Lemma, with aspirations of becoming a global force in ad technology, found their existing brand wasn't keeping pace. Their unique selling points weren't resonating, and their overall image lacked the gravitas they desired.
VGC Rebrands Lemma for Global AdTech Ambitions!

Vyas Giannetti Creative (VGC), through a strategic rebranding process, helped Lemma shed its old skin and emerge as a leader in programmatic omnichannel solutions. This involved a deep dive into Lemma's ecosystem – its market, target audience, and competitive landscape. Armed with insights gleaned from interviews and workshops with key stakeholders, VGC repositioned Lemma as a frontrunner in a rapidly evolving space.

But VGC's work went beyond mere positioning. They also facilitated Lemma's process of self-discovery. Extensive workshops unearthed the brand's core characteristics – its personality, archetype, values, and even its work culture. These elements became the building blocks for a well-defined and well-articulated brand identity.

VGC's visual identity for Lemma is a vibrant reflection of the ad-tech industry, drawing inspiration from the RGB digital spectrum. The colour scheme captures the field's dynamic and sometimes chaotic nature, while the minimal yet bold typography underscores Lemma's forward-thinking approach.

The rebrand extends beyond the visual. the team, recognising the importance of a cohesive brand experience, even structured Lemma's product portfolio as a "Monolithic architecture system," further solidifying the brand's math-inspired theme.

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