Are NFTs Worth it?

Are NFTs Worth it?

A looming question of creative morality that has yet to be answered.

The invention of NFT is a decade-long technological leap of faith that has taken the world by storm, especially the creative world. And, while the artistic society seems to be tightly gripping onto this virtual marketplace, there is a looming question of creative morality that has yet to be answered.

With the rise of AI integration into creative arts, more and more artists have inclined towards the metagenerated world, whether it be AI or virtual NFT tokens. With this insurgence of digital reality, there is also a blazing debate on the horizon among the traditional artisans who believe that true art is handcrafted, woven with the intricacy of sweat and soul.

In one of the similar fields of conversation, Reshidev RK, speaks his mind on the rise of NFT fling amongst artists of the modern design world.

He recalls, at first sight, NFT seems to be a scam with promotional campaigns on blast. He opposed the peer pressure to find his footing into this booming metamarket in 2022 while Kerela was buzzing on Twitter and Discord with NFT-favouring communities.

A significant breakthrough happened when a photographer friend, suggested Reshi to find himself a great opportunity through NFT. As the time progressed, he witnessed a startling interest and the response towards his artwork as a trail of curators would follow up on him leading him to land a bunch of artistic interviews and sold-out creative pieces.

14 artworks and 6 months later, he had developed a positive outlook towards NFT, especially for fresh talents. These virtual marketplaces have simplified the concept of art accessibility to a global crowd.

But, on the flip side, Reshi also highlights the fragile nature of NFT’s treatment as art in comparison to the conventional opus. He suggests that the collectors on this platform have more aptitude for business than creativity. It serves the purpose of creating hype for one’s work and frequently acts as a bubble. Reframing his conscience, he alludes that this non-fungible token can make an artist the luckiest being and yet, like every other bubble of instant gratification, it is inevitably going to burst in the end.

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