The Future of Web and App Design

The Future of Web and App Design

The Founder and Design Director of Lollypop, Anil Reddy shares his views on how the future of Web & App design hold and how it has already started transforming designers into research and strategy-driven solution provider.

In the last few years, we have witnessed an unprecedented craze for User Experience and User Interface Design. With the onset of newer design viewpoints such as Design Thinking, Human Centric Design and Interaction Design, UI UX Designers have evolved into solution providers. Their approach towards design is more research and strategy-driven, unlike the times when assumptions played a crucial role in defining the design of products.

The Changing Roles

When we specifically talk about web and app designing, they are no longer a standalone process. We are already seeing the concept of DesOps aka DesignOps being quickly adopted by design firms. Inspired by the culture of DevOps, this new design practice ensures a tighter integration between the design team and the engineering team.

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