Capturing The Human Essence

Originally from Sindhudurg Kudal village, Alpesh Ghare is an artist who packed his bags with brushes, paints and tons of ambition and moved to Mumbai. A degree in BFA from the Sir J.J. School of Art made his passion for art into his profession. Working as a freelancer throughout the course of his educational journey, he began capturing human expressions and the ethos of one’s emotions and moods in his art. An inclination towards the environment, he hopes to work as an environment concept artist in the future.


A dark background with minimal strokes been used to make the lady stand out in her the pink and golden attire.

Is Mod Se Jate Hai

The artwork is a combination of ball pen on paper and further development on Photoshop. Alpesh has implemented the use of lights and shades along with lines and stokes to bring out the expressions.


The inspiration lies in the beauty and innocence of the young girl, which brought out the creativity of the artist.

Creative Gaga