Issue 47

Portfolios ready and design graduate all set to grab their first dream job in the studio and agency they admire. And on the other side, the industry is always on the look for the fresh talent to acquire. The issue is full of advice on, what to expect from your first job, how to be prepared to get the best opportunities and much more. We have also featured some of the exceptionally talented graduates from some of the design colleges and institutes. So if you are a recent graduate or looking to hire fresh talent, this is a must-have for you. So go ahead and order your copy now!

Stories Inside

Mathew Kurien
2 min read
A robust design school is based on blurring the lines between the industry and the academics, where real world problems are brought into the studio and the alumni take back this learning to the world ...
Shahana Jain
Lulu Raghavan
Qualities You Are Looking in a Graduate?
Kendrick Lamar Voice Over Motion Graphics.

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