Mathew Kurien
Mathew Kurien

Bridging the Gap Between Industry and Academics

A robust design school is based on blurring the lines between the industry and the academics, where real world problems are brought into the studio and the alumni take back this learning to the world with tangible solutions. Mathew Kurien, the HOD of graphic design at MITID, tells us more about this symbiotic relationship.

Charles Eames and Ray Eames came to India on the recommendation of the Government of India in 1958, both industrial designers, to help conceptualise a design institute catering to the small industries and especially to the goods and supplies sector. The recommendations made by the Eames team were clear that it will cater to the Industry. As working designers themselves they understood that the need for academics has to be modular enough to solve problems in Indian living standards.

Almost all design schools globally were developed by design practitioners, who integrated design projects to be functional enough to be produced, used, enjoyed and resolves an envisaged gap.

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