Issue 44

Who doesn’t want to become famous, when everyone knows your name and especially for us designer, it is the basic dream every design student or young artist dream. But behind every successful studio, artist or designer there are stories of challenges, struggles and their unique solutions to these. With this issue, we interviewed many well-known names from the creative industry and found their different learnings and experiences behind making their own self as a brand. Though they all have a different take on this topic, still they all unanimously emphasise on focusing on their skills and quality delivery of the final outcome. So, if you are looking to establish yourself as a brand in the creative market or already in the process of it, this issue is a must read. Full of insights and inspirations from the best of the talents, this issue is waiting to reach your desks.

Stories Inside

The Sunrise of Pondicherry
2 min read
When you wish for something from deep within and with a pure heart, you are bound to achieve that no matter what. Varun Rao, a mechanical engineer turned artist is a living example.
Golden Girl
Tips to Make Your Own Studio a Brand
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj - Tutorial - Step 5
Jenison, Penn and Teller

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