Qualities You Are Looking in a Graduate?

Qualities You Are Looking in a Graduate?

Charuvi Agarwal, founder of Charuvi Design Labs explains on the key factors which help them choose a graduate to be part of their award winning team.

For a firm like ours, we look for precisely three main qualities in any design graduate:

01. Since we do top quality work, we need real talent. Raw talent is something that is nearly impossible to teach and if so, takes years of practice to hone. Since we are time bound for most of our work, we have to find people with great talent and luckily, India has a lot of it.

We look for a work ethic that mirrors our own. At times, we have to work crazy hours, think outside of the box, room, city and the universe and meet not just deadlines but also push invisible boundaries.

If one is looking for a regular 9 to 5 job, then we are not the right firm for you and we are quite frank about it. At times, the demands may seem unreasonable, but then we only focus on design which is cutting edge and that requires giving more than 100%.

We look for people who have the right values. These include sincerity, loyalty and commitment. When we pursue making a TV show or a film, we ask ourselves whether the world need another one despite the thousands coming out each year by hundreds of studios. If the answer is yes, it's because it's a unique piece of art which requires almost a fanatical belief in the project.

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