Minimalist Illustrator Captures the Flow of Sport!

Minimalist Illustrator Captures the Flow of Sport!

Freelance designer and minimalist illustrator Prathamesh Shedge talks about his urge to explore and how circumstance dictate his style.

Prathamesh has always been driven by the urge to explore. Discovering new methods and concepts, has always fascinated him. Thus, in this art series, he has experimented with a minimalist vector style, in contrast to the usual forced and enhanced detailing that is expected with the sports genre. He decided to approach the simplicity and flow of the sport, as opposed to its intensity.

With minimalist design, still flatness is the norm. Prathamesh however went for a route that is an amalgamation of multiple design styles, with a tin-tone colour palette. He also chose to not give the characters a specific skin tone, instead manipulating the colour palette to enhance and highlight the expressions.

In his design process, Prathamesh lets the circumstance dictate his style. He works in both traditional and digital mediums. But he prefers the traditional medium, simply because of how organic the process can be. Prathamesh first lays down his designs in sketch, before proceeding to convert them to digital to further enhance, a simple yet effective process.

One approach that Prathamesh sticks to, is not using the eraser too much, instead simply adapting and designing with the mistakes. He believes a mistake is merely a design anomaly that can become design idea

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