Pavan Rajurkar
Pavan Rajurkar

An Illustrator to Focus in 2020

The illustrator Pavan Rajurkar advocates how the internet has made this a great time to be an illustrator and from here on where every artist should focus to constantly evolve.

In the Internet age, where sophisticated tools and techniques are at every fingertip, functioning for most industries and especially for design and illustrations has evolved greatly. But more essentially, I believe exposure and opportunities have reached beyond the doorstep, which helps people to understand better about their interests and their career paths. For me, the Internet (including social media) also acts as a major source of inspiration and following are the areas where every illustrator ought to heed in 2020.

1. Modern Tools

Even if one's style of working is through traditional tools, it is imperative to stay updated with the know-how of new software & devices, to keep up with the pace and taste of the contemporary demands. Say, if you are good at drawing, don't hesitate to take it a step further and translate those skills into animation or motion media. Likewise, if you are an animator, you should be keeping an eye out on VR technology. So be open to improve, expand and upgrade your skills.

2. Storytelling

As an illustrator, you have the power and responsibility of bringing the story alive through your art. So, it's really important that we, as visual artists, develop the skill of storytelling. Start with writing your own stories (those can even be silly anecdotes or simple incidents). Then draw them, just in the flow and way you'd like that story to be depicted.

3. Know Your Roots

For any and every artist, at least some part of his/her creation is a reflection of who he/she is. Although we use our physical and logical prowess to create art, most of it comes from within. This inner self is always influenced and developed by aspects like culture, life views, social circle, beliefs etc. Explore your surroundings, because inspiration can pop out just from anywhere but still stay in touch with your roots as that is where you will get your uniqueness from. Also, as in every field 'practice' is essential, but it's equally important to understand and involve yourself in your work for it to stand out.

4. Use the reach of Social Media

Now that Social media has become a way of life, we'd rather use it to our benefit. It's a very convenient medium to get in touch with artists who inspire you and with whom you'd want to communicate/discuss your queries. Have a sorted digital presence which showcases your talent as it helps you in getting instant feedback from experts and professionals.

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