YJHDA tribute to his idol for the craving for travel and adventure just like the bunny. With his 'life lesson' dialogue in the background, this captures the emotion beautifully.

The Framed Emotions

Sushant Kamble is a self-taught artist who turned his experimentations in Photoshop and explorations with art, into his profession. Even today, he enjoys discovering new techniques and features.

A lot of Sushant’s works involve his rendition of movie posters. He loves bringing frames and emotions together from the movies to create his art. His work is also a tribute to the various movies that have left an impression on him. According to Sushant, every movie has a few frames that are very aesthetically pleasing and capture the essence of the film. He tries to create a perfect amalgamation of the elements from these frames. Sushant also enjoys sketching faces with different expressions and emotions. He derives joy from working in the details and paying attention to the slightest elements that may be relevant to the poster.

Sushant explains that his creative process is fairly straight-forward, where a thought pops in his mind and stays with him till he executes it. Execution comes naturally to him. He also prefers working in the quiet of the night, where he works alone with his chai by his side.

Joker, Arthur Fleck?
Joker, Arthur Fleck?Keeping in mind the 80s style poster design, this translates the impact of the movie on the artist, which kept him numb for a while.
URIThis is a fan artwork of the movie, Uri, where the elements and details of the movie are displayed.

He essentially creates his art with Photoshop and Wacom tab. Sometimes it is a mix of sketching following by digital illustrations. He even experiments with digital animated posters with the aid of aftereffects. Social media presence became a go-to for Sushant to showcase his work. He started with Facebook where he gained many followers. Later as he moved to Instagram, and his followers moved with him as well. Sushant explains that it feels good when his followers reach out to him with

While all his work is very dear to him, he considers the artwork he created for URI as most important. This was the first movie poster he created and was also reposted by the lead actor Vicky Kaushal and many others.

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