Spiritual Attitude
Spiritual AttitudeThis artwork establishes the sense of attitude which is portrayed through the exaggerated anatomy and posture of the subject, a sheep.

The Powerful Art

Shubham Ghumare portrays the strength and attitude of the subject using exaggerated anatomy. He explains what goes behind creating his powerful and captivating art.

Shubham’s art draws inspiration from Indian mythology and literature. With this, he adapts the study of anatomy that conjures a powerful image in every piece he produces. Two signature elements to notice in his artwork are the presence of a golden belt with relevant elements behind the primary subject and the presence of uniquely styled sparrows.

Horse Power
Horse PowerThis artwork plays out the metaphor of ‘horse-power’, where the force imparted by the horse is being sucked by the gears that are attached to his limbs using chains.

After exploring a range of media, Shubham believes acrylic painting and digital art are his forte. Through his work, he seeks to create a strong spiritual impact. His content ranges from socio-spiritual tendencies of things to Indian mythology.

Abstract art sits quite high near the peak of the art pyramid – says Shubham. Most of the abstract work leans towards the infinite nature of seas and oceans.

Shubham has a very distinct creative process. He elaborates on it with the example of his artwork named Horse Power. The ideation process is simple and usually focuses on key aspects, like in this case the concept of power is conveyed through a horse that’s powering an engine in a metaphorical sense. The artwork comprises of various small mechanical parts in the background which further help in establishing the concept along with the primary subject, that is, the horse. Key to his art is the force that is produced through sketching. And as the process always starts with a sketch, he likes it to be raw and quick which also applies both digital and non-digital media.

Spiritual Trance
Spiritual TranceTrance. The mythological bull in this artwork is listening to his favourite trance and dancing on it.

Reflecting on his journey into the creative field, Subham is grateful for the support and encouragement received by his parents. He has been creating art for a decade now, and this has taught him many things about art and life.

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