Abstraction Of Emotions

Sanjay Reddy’s curiosity and passions towards illustrations made him take a leap of faith towards art and design, post engineering. An avid doodler of cartoons since childhood, Sanjay holds a Master’s degree in design from the Institute of Applied Arts & Design, Turin. He also kick-started an initiative called ‘Portrait Portal’ along with his friends to create doodles and portraits on order.
My Mind
My Mind

Taking inspirations from everything around him and artists like Kim Jung Gi and Tom Fox, he uses software like Photoshop and Procreate to enhance the visual effect of his illustrations.

My Mind

An illustration from art series; 'Something about me', the illustration is a depiction of the emotions that were running through his mind while making a difficult transition from engineering to design.

My Soul

The artwork is a symbol of the soul of the artist as he experienced struggles, discomfort and failure while pursuing his dreams until he ultimately triumphed.

Dimag Me Kachra Bhara Hai

Considering the current upheaval in the world, this illustration is a representation of the people’s minds and its negativity

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