The word patience is synonymous with birds photography, which makes it one of the most challenging forms of the art. A photographer has almost no control over the subject and the lighting conditions. In such

Dig into the various aspects and details of creating concept art with background designer Faizal Ab as he elaborates on his own journey through it all.

Life in Art through Colours - Sudarshan Kumar

As the sun colours flowers and art colours life, Colour Key Artist and Painter for TV and Feature Animation, Sudarshan Kumar colours our screens and brings life to scenes. He shares about his journey into

Established illustrator Samji provides exciting insights regarding the eld of illustration, sharing his techniques, tips and tricks, while also opening up about the challenges and hurdles presented by this pandemic.


Usually, the idea of working on the creative front for a Government project is not welcomed by many studios. But Lopez Design has accepted the challenges that come along with these big scale projects and

The human brain is a fantastic library of images. The more you watch the world around you, the more it gets enriched. All one needs to do is to observe every detail around very closely,

Interested in learning all about Environment Design or simply curious about the field and what it involves? Ayan Nag shares the ins and outs with us.

Encouraging us to make the best out the situation, Febin Raj cheers us to turn our obstacles into opportunities as the world ghts this deadly pandemic.

Preeti Vyas - Pitch

Acclaimed Chairwoman and Founder at leading design and communication consultancy, VGC, Preeti Vyas deploys her experience and knowledge gained through the years to share with us the nature of competing in the design circuit, and

Animator and Illustrator, Lavanya Naidu, expresses how one can find more room to grow, not only professionally but also personally, by focusing on producing work that induces happiness in the audience.


The animation industry in India has come a long way and has a long way to go. Renowned animation filmmaker, Suresh Eriyat, gives us the ground reality of the industry today, and where the future

Digital Bank Brand Identity

Bank of Baroda, also known as BOB, required a brand identity and strategy for their new-age digital bank, BOB World. BOB World is the digital face of the Bank of Baroda, offering various banking services


The real world is rich in experiences. But the one created by our imagination has greater possibilities. Inspired by the latter, Ishan Trivedi lets his brush loose when he goes on a fantasy drive to

Graphic Design Trends 2022 by Mira Malhotra

Graphic design is a fast-moving discipline, with trends changing massively over the past few years. The pandemic brought a shift in how we perceive art, design and media and with the Internet of Things (IoT)

3D Art & Illustration - Romain Bracinni

Photographer and 3D illustration artist Romain Braccini is a successful freelancer who has completed 100+ projects. He has a unique style with the elements and shapes he uses, to make it both simple and satisfying.

Being constantly in conversation with our clients has brought us many insights and learnings in packaging design. Some of these are clear indicators of the market pulse - what people are looking for and how

The UI UX designer Arun Pattnaik has spent more than a decade, defining the experience for some of the big brands in India. With his long experience and deep knowledge, he foresees some of the

Anurag Ankit Kumar is an artist who predominantly works on 2D illustrations, anime, and character design. Read through to know his journey in anime and art.


Colours that make us feel centred are expected to dominate across design landscapes in 2022, according to industry experts.

Comics and Illustrations by Manish D3mon

Comics and 2D illustrations have always interested and inspired Manish and you can see how unique and deep his characters are.

Characters by Atanu Ghosh

Atanu Ghosh has worked with art for a little longer than a decade, and still manages to capture his imagination in his work. An illustrator and concept artist, he has worked across multiple mediums. Currently

Nidhi Isaac

A portfolio is not just a record of your work, and it's defiantly not a compilation of your illustrations, photographs, or logo bank, it instead is a window to your passion for design and an

Design trends from eras gone by seeming to be cycling back into vogue faster than ever before, and logos are getting bolder and less constrained as designers look to exercise full creative expression after almost

In the world of innumerable artists and their brilliant artwork, inspirations are everywhere. Follow the top 30 Indian illustrators and be a go-getter!

Character Design by Keya Mahata

Character design is a new form of digital art that focuses on unique character building. Keya Mahata, an artist, shows us how it’s done.


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