Passion Behind Communication Matters

Adaar shares how understanding the contribution and significance of various aspects such as subject matter and the passion behind the designing process can help gain clarity from conceptualisation to execution.

The design has the power to solve any complex problem. Elephant using this power of design to create exceptional brands and develop amazing products for their clients. They have recently created many inspiring brand solutions

An administrative building in Orissa

Krushi Bhawan is a building built for the Government of Odisha Department of Agriculture and Farmers' Empowerment by Studio Lotus.

What should brands be paying attention to in 2021 by Lulu Raghavan

A good place to start is a better understanding of where consumer behaviour is headed. Mintel predicts that there are seven global consumer trends that will impact how brands will need to adapt their strategies

Illustrations by Monica Alletto

Illustrations are potent tools of communication. If used wisely, they are capable of creating wonders, especially in the world of branding. Illustrations can profoundly impact the viewer, thus imprinting the brand in a potential customer’s

Kurnal Rawat - How have Brands Evolved through Time?

Kurnal Rawat, Creative Director for Landor & Fitch, tells us how brands have changed in the past two decades and what it takes to build a brand today.

Architects by Sanjay Puri

The Rajasthan School is an interesting creation by Sanjay Puri Architects playing full tribute to the site, the context, and the functions.

Print Design trends

Let’s deep dive into the latest print design trends, the revolutionizing print industry and the brands that are already embracing this change.

Illustrations by Hazem Ameen

Hazem Ameen breaks down the unity of his illustrations and personality through his creative process and various influences, which do not always exist in the creative sphere.

Posters by Vivek Mandrekar

Vivek Mandrekar takes us through his journey of illustrating digital movie posters effectively. He also shares his own illustrating journey and insights.

Architecture by NUDES

Architect Nuru Karim introduces The Forest as a place that encourages hands-on learning, green learning possibilities, networked communities, and experiential learning while improving air quality and student health.

Real is believable. But abstract teases the imagination. You don’t have to choose one of the two while creating. Mixing reality with abstract is the way to go according to digital artist Ankur Singh Patar. Whether it’s creating

Vivek_Feature - Amitabh Bachchan

With the art of self-learning by watching videos or reading articles being the new trend, everyone is trying their hand at it. The will to learn the new and the passion to grasp the contemporary

VR by Vinay Hegde

Take a look at a pioneer and innovator in the unexplored field of Virtual Reality. Vinay Hedge's background, his captivating art processes, and much more.

Calligraphy-Achyut Palav

Unearth the journey of one of the most successful Indian Calligraphy artists, Achyut Palav who is a conservationist of ancient Indian scripts.

by Architect Saket Sethi

Sunoo Temple House is a private worship space that is designed to feel like a galaxy. Saket Sethi, the architect has explored forms, textures, and emotions in a very creative way for his client, who

Photography by Anirudh Agarwal

For Anirudh Agarwal, photography is an exploration of human nature, personality and self-expression. His road to being a commercial photographer was primarily due to his foresight to develop personal projects that allowed both him and

Concept Art by Tanmay Mandal

What do you do when design schools don't seem to work for you? Tanmay, a Prague-based illustrator and concept artist shows us how you can pursue your passion in the creative field, through perseverance and

This century belongs to creativity and innovation. In everything we do. The way we live is a lot different from what it used to be earlier. Our engagement to shape our future has become intense

Siddhi Ranade - Art

Illustrator, Siddhi Ranade, takes us through his thought process and the key aspects that go into his illustrations. He, thereby, goes on to illuminate the various facets, such as geometry, colour and the nature of

Diana Kellogg Architects an Oval-shaped Institution

A creation of Diana Kellogg Architects, Rajkumari Ratnavati School is a rural school for the girls of Jaisalmer built with the concept of sustainability and was designed keeping in mind the symbols of femininity.

Packaging has been for long an ignored discipline of design. But the trend has changed nowadays, and it is becoming an exciting space for designers to showcase their artistic and innovative skills. Graphic design studio,

Sustainable and anti-eviction school

In a sustainable initiative by Social Design Collaborative, ModSkool has been created as an anti-eviction module for farming communities in Delhi. These schools are made with the idea of easy dismantling if the settlement would


Usually, the idea of working on the creative front for a Government project is not welcomed by many studios. But Lopez Design has accepted the challenges that come along with these big scale projects and

Illustrations by Jasjyot Singh Hans

How artist/ illustrator Jasjyot Singh Hans tries to shift the public’s perception about beauty and fashion through his illustrations.


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