Hero FinCorp Unveils New Brand Identity!

The Concept of "Windows of Opportunity" Inspires Hero FinCorp's Brand Refresh.
Hero FinCorp Unveils New Brand Identity!
Hero Fincorp Old vs New Identity
Hero Fincorp Old vs New IdentityBrand Identity

Hero FinCorp, one of the top financial services providers, has recently unveiled its new brand identity. The new logo was thoughtfully designed to align with the changing needs and aspirations of modern India. It embodies the values of the Hero Group while also resonating with the spirit of progress and opportunity.

Hero FinCorp has introduced a brand refresh that revolves around the idea of "Windows of Opportunity". These windows represent the potential within every individual, acting as gateways to personal and professional growth. The company's range of products and services is positioned as catalysts that provide customers with the "Confidence to Make it Happen," empowering them to pursue their dreams with determination and resilience.

Hero Fincorp
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