The Artistic Pursuit of Spontaneity

The Artistic Pursuit of Spontaneity

Finding the geometry within the traditional bedrock of Kerala.

Reshidev RK's journey from conventional aspirations of becoming a doctor or engineer to carving his path in design is an inspiring tale. Despite initial struggles, he found success through adaptability and creative liberty. His artistic acumen shines through in his vibrant illustrations and layered designs, blending tradition with innovation.

For every science student who has switched over his/her career path to the arts, the solution is almost “Sophie’s Choice.” Reshidev is one of those people who defy this theory in more than one way. Interestingly enough, his record states that he was not very good in scientific theories during his intermediate school years, but used to ace his practicals, which became the very revelation of his potential existence as an artist in his futuristic realm.

Peripheral Illusion
Peripheral IllusionExisting between the realms of reality and the virtual
Game On!
Game On! In a digital age, our minds easily absorb external influences, shaping our thoughts and actions

Hailing from Kannur, a city that was nicknamed the Manchester of Kerala during the colonial period in India, Reshidev, a Design Director at Wieden+Kennedy, belonged to the conventional childhood aspirations of growing up to be a doctor or an engineer. However, his inner conflict led him to adapt to the world of Fine Arts (B.F.A) with a peculiar inclination towards Sculpture art form.

Amidst one of the world's severe humanitarian crises, Indian restaurants worldwide united, offering special meals priced at $86 – the equivalent of 10KG of oxygen – to support relief efforts in India
Amidst one of the world's severe humanitarian crises, Indian restaurants worldwide united, offering special meals priced at $86 – the equivalent of 10KG of oxygen – to support relief efforts in India

Failing to acquire a seat for MFA at the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda, he moved to Bangalore to try his fate. While being a recipient of a few freelance projects from Mudra and Ogilvy, he turned his sculptor’s dispositions into a vibrant illustrator at Happy Creative Studio.

Tech’s Double-Edged Sword
Tech’s Double-Edged SwordBalancing Marvel and Menace - artistically explores the conflict between technological advancement and human connection through surreal imagery
Shades of Me
Shades of MeSkin labels like black, white, and brown are common, but your skin is your identity

What followed next was a breakthrough in his career with Weiden+Kennedy, Delhi as a Designer, when he stepped into the prodigious enshrinement of brand advertisement. From the precipice, Reshi had no plans of finding his footing in the advertising world and yet, once he did, he endured a detailed learning curve of typography, logo, and packaging design.

A day in the life of the mother
A day in the life of the mother
Cherrapunji Craft Gin
Cherrapunji Craft GinDesigned packaging and branding

As his artistic acumen took its soaring flight, Reshi coined his style amongst the different formats that he got to work on. One crude example of his variation is his work with Lee and Indigo. With a saturation level knob set on a specific footing, Reshi works with a combination of red and metallic colours.

Reverberating through our breath is the echo of the universe
Reverberating through our breath is the echo of the universeExhale, inhale, repeat

Implicating this as the initial stage of his layered design, this sculptor-turneddesigner credits the cultural soul of Kathakali and his fanaticism of the blue sky and the clouds. Prominently, Reshi curates his design inventory with geometric shapes of traditional art forms and concludes every artwork with a handpainting effect to enhance its textures.

The way out
The way outSolitude can feel overwhelming yet strangely comforting

When it comes to being persistent, our design virtuoso here believes in creative liberty and adaptability. “I am not as worried about the outcome as I am about the finishing of each layer of my artwork.” As opposed to the stereotypical artistic ritual, he does not follow any set of preplanned routines or processes. Instead, he maintains a sense of the stream of consciousness and lets it flow egregiously throughout his design practice.

Portrait of Pride
Portrait of Pride

While being on the radar of creative expression, Reshi shares one truly crucial lesson for the aspiring artists and designers out there which is to gain a good chunk of profound experience before chasing after your identity or artistic style in any fie ld. Reflecting on his journey, he, microscopically highlights on the fact that amateur artists tend to double down on claiming their style before exploring the art form to its core. In turn, most of the ingenious beginners have to face a median breakdown or creative burn-out for not having an immersive knowledge of their relevant field.

Good Neighbours Project
Good Neighbours Project"Sawadee Ka" - a traditional Thai welcome greeting
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