Purplle Unveils Refreshed Brand Identity!

Spring Marketing Capital unveils a vibrant new brand identity for Purplle, the beauty e-commerce marketplace.
Purplle Unveils Refreshed Brand Identity!

Essence of Purplle

Purplle, driven by a vision to democratise beauty, emerged with a mission to extend beauty's accessibility to every woman throughout Bharat. Central to the brand's ethos is a deep comprehension of the beauty consumer in middle India—a demographic characterised by its distinctiveness, diversity, social consciousness, and aspirations for advancement.

Embracing Diversity in Beauty

The redesign of Purplle's brand, expertly crafted by Spring Marketing Capital, sought to magnify the essence of what Purplle embodies. Beauty, for us, is not exclusive to a select few; it is a joy meant to be experienced by all, regardless of age, region, or gender. The target audience embodies confidence, individuality, experimentation, and constant evolution in their beauty journey.

Drawing inspiration from the rich tapestry of scripts found across India, the logo seamlessly melds the "प" characters, serving as a symbol of diversity and universal beauty. It encapsulates the notion that the joy of beauty transcends linguistic barriers, fostering boundless opportunities for celebration and inclusivity.

A Vibrant Colour Palette and Dynamic Patterns

The colour palette mirrors Purplle's inclusive ethos, inviting individuals from all walks of life to immerse themselves in the realm of beauty on their own terms. Vibrant shades and dynamic patterns derived from the logo "प" evoke a strong sense of brand identity and recognition. These graphic elements serve as catalysts for limitless creativity, reinforcing Purplle's commitment to celebrating diversity and individuality.

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