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Most people have used paper as a flat surface;as a canvas to bring ideas to life. However, Atamjeet Singh Bawa delicately moulds and glues pieces to carefully create scale paper models of airplanes and other automotives that fascinate. Here, he sheds light on this unexplored area of design to take it beyond a hobby. To read full article, buy May/June 20..
In this technologically driven world, it is sometimes refreshing to admire design that is inspired from things that have been forgotten. Using paper as a canvas as well as a tool, Yulia Broskaya captures old age in a unique and trendy manner. In conversation with Creative Gaga, she throws light on her style and inspirations. CG: You’v..
What once was simply a carpenter’s job has now become an entire field in designing. Furniture design has evolved from the regular chairs and tables to more sophisticated forms. Redo Design Studio from Poland, believe the evolution is due to the discovery of new and the unique materials that solve the functional problems. Here they break down their concepts and beliefs t..
They easily make us laugh, but caricature design is a tough form to master. Here, one has to feel the expression and manifest it through the use of colours and exaggerations. Keya Mahata dwells on these to bring characters to life. Below, she takes us through a demonstration for caricature design of Steven Tyler. Step by step tutorial, B..
Sport makes the heart race and the world stop. Such action, speed and momentum when captured through design, create vitality that is hard to miss. Shreedhar Sutar, an Illustrator and Art Director, believes in understanding and tapping into the USP of the subject in order to do justice to expectations and final outcomes. Raw in look and feel, Shreed..
May.June 2015