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Ranganath Krishnamani, an illustrator who is driven by passion, is a freethinker, a obsessive doodler and loves architecture, has developed his own distinctive style and emphasis on enjoying the process of creation. Here he explains, how design can be descriptive as well as simple at the same time. ..
For most people, starting alone is daunting; Anjali DSouza explains how she feels about the entire concept of being a freelancer? Read on to know what a young designer should know before jumping down the freelance path. Dealing with real problems. ..
All designs should reflect the personality of its creator but sometimes clients brief can take away the twinkle of the final artwork. Freelance Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Minal Dusane-Mali shares her experience on how she manages the difficult task to fit the client brief, be creatively supreme and do business with her partner. ..
Exploring his sense of design right fromchildhood in his family tailoring business,Arjun Makwana went on to complete his BFA from the Faculty of Fine Arts, Baroda. On his way to work at Ogilvy & Mather, Mumbai, he observes businessmen selling their wares at traffic signals. This daily routine and the multi-faceted characters inspired him to create a s..
Art is an expression of yourself, whether you work with a team or not, design is all about putting yourself out there. Thinking creatively, acting spontaneously and satisfying a wide spectrum is what Abhishek Sawant does and urges others to do. Here he talks on how to be part of a team while still maintaining own core self. Working in a team.&n..
May - June 2016