Designer, Sushant Ajnikar has had the best of both worlds; he has a technical know-how of the design and due to his vast experience, he has picked up artistic skills. Using these to his advantage he has successfully carved out a versatile line of work. Sushant emphases on being committed to whatever he chooses to do. Pledge to the passion...
Juan Casini is a multidisciplinary designer juggling various mediums and keeping his passion alive by traveling and designing. He is a free spirit who loves to draw, travel and experience new things. Here, he talks about his journey and inspirations of becoming a designer. CG:..
Arshad Sayyed is a passionate designer who makes a conscious effort to excel by following his aspirations while implementing basic design principles and advancing technology. He is an illustrator who is open to client interference while sticking to his belief ‘to fill every heart with an art.’..
Shirin Kekre is an illustrator who doesn’t suspend her work; continuously thinking about the next design. Movies, music and scribbles are the way she does it; working late into the night. Varied themes and thoughts are an outcome of her excessive thinking and doodling. Therapeutic Designing.&n..
Some accomplishments can never be expressed enough, but can only be represented best – That is why there are awards. Abhijit Bansod, founder Studio ABD shows what it’s like to carry the responsibility of crafting such awards that endlessly embody stories of excellence. ..
Creative Gaga - Issue 33