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There are some products that never get picked up off shelves, and some that make it through shopping carts into people’s homes and hearts. Packaging no doubt, is a catalyst that speeds up the sales process. Branding and packaging expert, Ashwini Deshpande, believes that consumers dictate designs and everything that a brand does. Here, she highlights some key points to g..
Packaging has gradually evolved from cardboard boxes or covers to keepsakes. As people realise the creative hard work behind beautiful packs, this hidden space is burgeoning to become a field full of innovation and potential. Isabela Rodrigues, a designer from Brazil, takes us inside the box with her ou..
Packaging has universal standards and appeal. No matter where you are, the structure, concept and technology remain the same. Brandiziac, a branding agency in Russia, believes that being different can make all the difference. Here, they unfold some mysteries to help us better understand branding and packaging design and its relevance in today’s world. ..
Branding and packaging expert, Petar Pavlov gives priority to designs that complement the product. At times, we get stuck playing the tug of war between a client and designer so much so that we often forget about the product or brand in focus. Petar Pavlov from Mac..
Creating a character is a difficult task in itself. Recreating a character is an altogether different story. Using traditional and digital techniques, Illustrator Sajid Wajid, designs popular characters that resonate with the audience and simultaneously surprise as well with the addition of personal twists to the tale. Here, he takes us through the c..
Mar/Apr 2015