Issue 38

Each year around this time, many fresh young talented designers come out as design graduates to join the best of studios and agencies. Despite many find the perfect fit for their talent but still majority faces many dilemmas and questions. So with this issue, we try to explore different views from many well-known studio owners and senior designers. While Anthony Lopez of Lopez Design shared tips on what a studio looks for in a designer, Mohar Ray from Codesign highlights the key aspects that play a significant role and make the difference in whether you are hired or not as a promising designer. Also, this issue has an insightful article on ‘Branding with reason and love’ from Itu Chaudhuri, founder ICD (Itu Chaudhuri Design) along with Siddhi Ranade, explaining his tools of storytelling through his unique style of illustrations. This issue is a must read for a talented graduate to a branding expert.

Stories Inside

PetSpotter App
2 min read
Sonal Nagwani opted out of engineering as a possible career path at an early stage knowing her heart yearned for something entirely different. Thus began her journey as an illustrator and she hasn’t l ...
Freelancing like a boss!
The Depth of Detail
Randy Blythe (Lamb of God) 2012 Bangalore
Anthony Lopez

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