10 Interesting Branding Case Studies to Look out!

Branding Case Studies
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Brand Identity is ‘how’ a business wants to be perceived by customers, it’s constructed by the brand itself. It’s combined message transmitted through the brand name, logo, style and visuals. It utilises creative strategy to build a memorable and positive brand experience online and offline. Here, we have collected few branding case studies which are done in recent times; take a peek.

01. Health Sutra Brand Identity Case Study


The brand identity was done by Elephant Design to ensure ancient Indian millets could make a comeback into the market in its raw, authentic and unprocessed form.


Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study by Elephant Design


More details on Case study

02. Brand Identity of Godrej Jersey


The outdated brand identity of Jersey was redone by NH1 Design to communicate a contemporary and modern brand image to its audience.


Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study of Godrej Jersey by NH1 Design


Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study of Godrej Jersey by NH1 Design


The complete Case study

03. Brands Evolving with their Consumers


Every brand starts with keeping consumer needs in the mind but with time many lose that connection. The Branding & Design agency, Design Stack has been helping many significant brands to resonate with their evolving consumers and in the process, they are creating exquisite brands. Here we are showcasing a few of their recent projects!


Branding Case Studies by Design Stack


Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study by Design Stack


More details here

04. People Buy Stories and Experiences!


People don’t buy products or logos, they buy stories, they buy experiences. Believing this, NH1 Design, an integrated branding consultancy has always kept its focus on making a brand more lovable. Here are some of the recently created stories and experiences have been presented.


Branding Design Case Study by NH1 Design


Branding Case Studies by NH1 Design


The detailed Case study

05. Clario – Humanising and Simplifying the Cyber-Security


Recently everything has shifted to online from shopping, to work, to manage money and because of this the risks to our digital security and safety have increased exponentially. To make digital lives less risky and more secure, Conran Design Group, UK, has brought to life an entirely new visual and verbal identity ‘Clario’ that humanises, personalises and simplifies cybersecurity. Here we understand how they made it a success.


Clario Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study


The detailed Case study

06. Brand Identity for Linen Club


Linen Club is one of the top manufacturers producing pure linen fabric for over six decades. This pioneering brand has over 200 exclusive stores, more than 7000 multi-brand outlets, making them India’s leading linen brand. They approached VGC to help the brand expand their offering across the both fashion as well as lifestyle. VGC designed a new brand identity for them, let’s have a look!


Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study by NH1


Branding Design Case Study by NH1


A detailed Case study here

07. Visual Identity for a Contemporary Sweet Brand!


Rusbury is a great example of how to brand a sweet and savouries store in today’s contemporary times. Sukkrish AADDS, a Bangalore based creative agency founded by Shreesh Shankar, gives an interesting twist to the branding (visual identity).



Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study


The complete Case study

08. Branding The Original Mumabaiya Vada Pav


NH1 Design takes us through its approach behind freshly branding a local Indian street food outlet while ensuring that it retains an identity credible of being authentic, fun, young and affordable.


Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study by NH1 - Vada Pav


Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study by NH1 - Vada Pav

The complete Case study

09. Visual Identity for UpGrad


A Visual Identity is not just about aesthetics and appearance. It’s about communicating brand ethos with flair, and Design Stack does just that for upGrad.


Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study


UpGrad Branding - Brand Identity Design Case Study - Business Card


More details on Case study

10. ‘Big is What Big Does’ Campaign for Aditya Birla Group


Strategic Design & Communication Agency VGC have been Aditya Birla Group’s brand custodians since 1997. The latest campaign, conceptualized and executed by VGC, is the next step in the Aditya Birla Group’s brand journey.


Aditya Birla Group


Aditya Birla Group


The complete Case study here

Every year many exceptional design briefs are being answered with brilliant solutions by many talented designers. Some manage to reach the limelight through awards and other recognitions, but not all. And that is where the ‘DCS-01’ comes into the picture with detailed case studies highlighting the challenges, research, and the unique solutions to each obstacle faced in reaching these final design solutions. An inspiration and a collection of quality design projects created in India recently.


So, if you are creative freelancer, agency, studio, corporate or a design student, who needs inspiration and want to know the process of making great designs, then this is a must-have book for your collection. Order it today to reserve a copy of this limited stock book.

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