Clario Visual Identity – Humanising and Simplifying the Cyber-Security

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Recently everything has shifted to online from shopping, to work, to manage money and because of this the risks to our digital security and safety have increased exponentially. To make digital lives less risky and more secure, Conran Design Group, UK, has brought to life an entirely new visual and verbal identity ‘Clario’ that humanises, personalises and simplifies cybersecurity. Here we understand how they made it a success.

Clario Visual Identity

The Project Brief

‘Clario’ approached Conran Design Group to bring a fresh perspective to humanizing, personalising, and simplifying the cybersecurity industry through re-branding. Conran needs to develop the company’s core brand message, bringing a fresh sense of approachability to the subject of cybersecurity and create a visual and verbal identity for the brand that brings humanity to the consumer interaction. Translate this through to the product interface design to create an industry-changing user experience.

Clario Visual Identity

The Challenges

The main challenge was combating cybersecurity’s reputation for being complicated, impersonal and fear-inducing. Conran had to deconstruct those preconceived notions of anxiety and complexity through branding and design. One specific challenge was naming the brand in an oversaturated market. Conran needed a name that exemplified the originality of the brand’s new approach to cybersecurity tech. They landed on Clario to signal the clear and intuitive nature of the brand’s offering.

The Solution

Conran found that through designing more informal and intuitive product interfaces and incorporating more people-centred photography, consumers were challenged to think beyond utility to get to the personal nature of cybersecurity needs. Clario’s logo is open and approachable, with an informal tone playfully communicating human connectivity through typeface, colour palette, and design. The branding is anchored by an increased focus on direct and down-to-earth use of language, dispensing with security jargon, and returning the focus to the person on the other side of the software.


Clario shaped a new consumer-focused brand identity and experience, offering their customers a bold and human-centric alternative that reduces anxiety and returns digital control to them for good. Clario actively reinvented the role of a cybersecurity company, challenging the notion that tech must be complicated and thus alienate consumers from their Internet safety plan. Instead, Clairo personally guides their customers to manage and maintain their technological autonomy, all with the help of a human-centred design approach.

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