Facebook becomes Meta & Releases Coming to Life Campaign

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On 28th Oct 2021, we received headlines of Facebook transforming into Meta. Today, its first marketing campaign has been released, where a Henri Rousseau painting has been brought to life.

Facebook has been rebranded as Meta, from the most recent update that came out last week. The rebranding news showed that the company is moving its focus from only social media to the metaverse. The new name signified the next chapter, which is a future built by everyone that will expand society beyond what today's digital connections allow. This Friday we are witnessing the first marketing campaign after the rebranding - and we must say that it is quite impressive.

The video campaign opens up with four youngsters looking at a painting, watching it unveil into reality. The 2D painting changes to show the third dimension, having vegetation, wildlife, and the whole scene playing in front of their faces. This is a famous painting by Henri Rousseau, and the youngsters are revealed to be at a museum looking into the piece of art titled "Fight between a Tiger and Buffalo". The video comes to an end showing the Facebook logo merge into becoming the symbol for Meta.
Meta's internal creative industry Creative X has partnered with another agency Droga5 for this ad campaign. This was also done in a partnership with the Grammy-nominated artist and filmmaker Andrew Thomas. The characters have been brought to life using AI by Sonny Gerasimwics.
The tech giant has set aside US$50 million in XR Programs and Research Funds for the next two years to work with new business partners, organisations, charities, and institutions to figure out how to properly develop these technologies and contribute
to society.
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