UEFA Launches Euro 2024 Logo on Virtual Space

EURO2024 Logo
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The new Euro Cup logo is out. Recently launched in the virtual space through social media, UEFA made its call for a non-racist 2024 Euros loud and clear.

After the 2022 football World Cup, the 2024 Euros is the next big football carnival the UEFA is already preparing for.
Set to take place in Germany, the new Euros logo is already out on social media. Along with a light show at the Olympiastadion in Berlin, unity and inclusivity were presented as the main theme of the logo redesign.
The symbol had been based on the European flag colours, in the shape of the host Olympiastadion in Berlin. The logo still features the traditional Euro Cup, along with the use of bold colours and a new oblong shape. Meanwhile, the ‘O’ in Euro, represents the Olympiastadion.
EURO2024 Logo
The unleashing video reads ‘Everyone is invited to bring their colours.’ UEFA also go on to say in the video “For all generations, all voices and all of us, united by football.”

The animated video has over 350k views on YouTube. The colours of the logo appeal to every nation in Europe instead of solely Germany’s black, red and yellow, thus representing “a ‘EUROS for ALL’.

The logo makes it clear as can be that the upcoming Euros is meant to be an occasion that connects people and communities through compassion, diversity and integration. A lesson to build on from the racist outlast following the previous Euro finals.



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