Wow Skin Science Becomes First Brand in India to Introduce Eco-Friendly Packaging

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Personal care brand Wow Skin Science has launched its first-ever paper tube packaging aiming at reducing the use of plastic at the source.

To pave the way for a greener future and a plastic-positive society, creating lesser carbon footprints, Wow Skin Science introduces its bestselling Vitamin C face wash in new packaging. This initiative, titled #EkChotiSiShuruwaat, falls under the umbrella of #WowGreenHands, through which Wow Skin Science takes a step towards adopting a sustainable approach for responsible packaging.
The paper that is being used in the packaging is Forest Stewardship Council-certified. It has a high burst strength and low Cobb value, which translates to being strong and stable even in humid conditions. With 45 percent reduced plastic usage at the source, this is Wow Skin Science's small beginning for a greener tomorrow.

The Co-CEO of the reputed brand, Manish Chowdhary, shared his views on taking this sustainable step. "The COVID pandemic has been an eye-opener for brands and consumers alike. While consumers are inching towards a more sustainable life with the adaptation of similar products and lifestyle, brands have taken cognizance of the fact that change needs to be brought in."

He adds, "Wow Skin Science has, since inception, been a nature-inspired brand and for us, be it through our formulations or our packaging, we have been one of the few who started this trend. It only makes us happy that with each new product portfolio that we introduce, we are only getting closer to being more sustainable." The brand will also be sending a seed pouch to all its customers who order from the website after the launch so that they can be a part of this sustainable initiative.

To capture the essence of caring for mother nature, reaffirming sustainability and conscious business practices, Wow Skin Science has come up with a brand film that proclaims,
"Chhoti si shuruwaat bade kaam kar jaati hai. Ek chhote se idea se, hum kal ko behtar bana sakte hain. Yeh hai hamari chhoti si shuruwaat."
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