75 Years in Design - Down the lane of The Desi Branding

75 Years in Design - Down the lane of The Desi Branding

From the "centaur" logo design of Air India by J.R.D Tata in 1946 that recounts it to be one of the primary examples of what we know today as professional branding to the influx of creative studios across the nation erupting the conventional settlements of aesthetics, the evolution of brand designs in India is reflective of its economical, cultural and societal development. And, nonetheless, we are very much proud of it.

The Origin Tale

You can't really spell 'Design' without 'desi', can you?

The story of Indian brands is an arch of crooked neck watching over the bird's eye view and this tale goes back in time as far as the dawn of independence.

In the Era of Freedom - 1950s:

If we retrace our steps into the world of design, we find that the overlapping claws of creativity were, primarily, used to recognize the New India - the Independent India in the form of Ashoka Chakra. During the preliminary stages of newly won independence, design in India was attributed to national symbols, icons, etc.

Yet, slightly around this time, as the nation was enthralled by the newly accomplished spirit of freedom, Indian branding accounted for its first professionally curated brand design in the name of Air India. Established in 1946, the national flying carrier, Air India, introduced its remarkably iconic centaur logo commissioned by none other than J.R.D Tata.

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