Elephant Design - MTR Breakfast - Range
Elephant Design - MTR Breakfast - Range

The Approachable Specialist

We all have a soft corner for the old brands as they been helping us in many odd times and needs. But as our lives are getting modernised so do our choices and requirements. To match that and continue to stay on our kitchen shelves, MTR has gone for a rebranding exercise with the help of Elephant team. Here, the Design Director, Mayuri Nikumbh explains the process and thoughts behind the rebranding of this age-old brand.

Tracing The Roots

With a legacy of over 90 years, MTR is a brand that has stood its ground for offering authentic Indian food products and emerged as a choice to reckon with for Indians all over the globe. When the process of re-branding started, there was a lot of previous equity, which was valuable to the brand and required to be retained. However, the consumer needs and behaviour had changed with the time and the brand needed to recognise and appreciate that by offering them just the right balance of the past and present.

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