Patch Design Studio

Founded in the year 2012 by Ipsit Patel and Rika Chaudhry and run along with firm partner Shruti Gaonkar, Patch Design Studio believes in providing design solutions that work at every scale, creating cohesion between the overall contexts to the smallest details. Based in Bandra, Mumbai, the team believes that every client and program is different and hence each project with it, its own unique criteria. The studio works on a wide range of projects from entertainment venues to restaurants and retail outlets, from exhibition spaces to temporary installations, from residential, commercial and institutional interiors to architectural and urban environments. Featured In Every year many exceptional design briefs are being answered with brilliant solutions by many talented designers. Some manage to reach the limelight through awards and other recognitions, but not all. And that is where the 'DCS-01' comes into the picture with detailed case studies highlighting the challenges, research, and unique solutions to each obstacle faced in reaching these final design solutions. An inspiration and a collection of quality design projects created in India recently. So, if you are a creative freelancer, agency, studio, corporate or a design student, who needs inspiration and want to know the process of making great designs, then this is a must-have book for your collection. Order it today to reserve a copy of this limited stock book.
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