Sarova Experience Centre: Warm and Welcoming like a Home!

Sarova Experience Centre: Warm and Welcoming like a Home!

SD Corporation, a joint venture of Shapoorji Pallonji and the Dilip Thacker Group approached Patch Design Studio for space design of their marketing and sales office in Mumbai 'Sarova Experience Centre'. They are responsible for several acclaimed real estate projects nationwide. Their vision is to create extraordinary spaces through the process of redevelopment by infusing new life to old and dilapidated buildings, giving a fresh and modern look to cities. Here is the brief case study of the 'Sarova Experience Centre' project by Patch Design Studio.


Sarova Experience Centre is a sales and marketing office for prospective home buyers for a large residential complex project proposed in Mumbai's western suburbs. The centre wished to establish an informal connection with the customers and desired to break away from the typical sales spaces of the real estate developers.

Hence, it is necessary to invoke the sense of warmth and comfort of a home while retaining the functionality and professionalism of office space. Space must not only be welcoming but also provide a sense of belonging and security to the customers while remaining contemporary, informal and lively.


Clean contemporary design with key custom-designed fixtures provided a sense of warmth, informality and liveliness to the place while also satisfying the client's desire to create a space with a youthful appeal. The formal meeting rooms have been tucked in at the edges, in niches created by existing RC shear walls clad in wood-like laminate.

A stepped seating amphitheatre type of space has been designed to showcase audio-visual presentation to potential customers, who are embraced by the warmth of wood-like flooring which frames the large graphic wall art, which brings life and colour to space.

The designers' keen attention to detail can be witnessed in the custom-designed light fixtures for the customer areas. The room exudes an aura of relaxation with large open seating zones within the sales gallery, complete with a high bar counter type of seats next to low sofa seating clusters.

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