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The brand identity of ‘The Earth Collective‘ created by Manav Sachdev Design Studio (MSDS). The Earth Collective brings premium haircare range inspired by the goodness of nature. Believing in the process of finding beauty in everything around us, this brand has conducted extensive research and study to develop products with organic and natural ingredients, since it is their firm belief that hair care is an integral part of human existence.

Brand Identity of The Earth Collective



‘The Earth Collective’ required a visual identity that had to be designed from scratch. The visual identity of the brand includes brand logo, illustrations, packaging and website. The essence of the brand and their morals had to be brought out through fresh, unique and creative visuals which connected with the consumers instantly. The brand’s integration of nature and science must be showcased through its visual identity.

Brand Identity of The Earth Collective
Brand Identity of The Earth Collective


The brand’s visual identity needs to stand apart from the others in the market, which is already cluttered with several similar products. The identity must also speak for brand and all that they stand for, which include the glorious union of nature and science. The rare and natural ingredients used in the product must be present in the brand’s visual identity. It is also crucial that the brand’s essence, which is nature coming together, must be represented strongly.


The brand strategy was focused on hair care inspired by nature. To signify this, the studio incorporated the five elements of nature in the logo, which resemble hair strands that make a solution for healthy hair. The logotype also signifies the earth’s hemisphere, which contains the rare and natural ingredients for the products. The team also represented the unique union of nature and science, which resulted in these products. Elements of the logo have been illustrated on the packaging. The brand’s identity has been kept elegantly minimal with a carefully handpicked pastel colour palette.

Published in Issue 51

Business, studios, agencies, freelancer all have different perspectives to handle the pandemic and hurdle it brings. While some find pandemic an obstacle which will soon fade away and on the other hand, few saw opportunities in the same. Many creatives used the past few months to reflect on their styles and horn their art. Many utilized it for collaboration opportunities with national and international creatives. This issue is a must-read if you are looking for insights, inspirations and ways to bounce back in this unlocking phase.


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Every day, one encounters all sorts of people – happy, angry, sad. These emotions are all displayed on their expressions, which give birth to different stories. Therefore, it’s the expression that’s the starting point for character artist Manav Sachdev. From expression to stories, he reflects on his design tenets.

Blob. As the name
says, it has no shape
or definition and is
lost and helpless


Silence Speaks a Thousand Words

Expressions, though a mute element, tells the complete story of a character. It holds in itself the complete ecosystem in which a character dwells. On gaming, one does have the opportunity to narrate and explain the character in motion. But on 2D medium, the expression of the character defines its persona. The body language, environment, costume and props of a character are all derived from the character. While the expression holds the key, every other element complements the authenticity of the character.

The Tribal Warrior
– Kings Guard

The Rules for Creating a Character are Variable

In the field of gaming, the character comes out of a strong script and they have certain attributes like age, weight, strength, power etc. attached to them. One also needs to keep the variable of animation in mind. Whereas creating characters for other mediums, one has the freedom of creating a certain expression and form of the character. Of course, research and allegiance to the script play a big part. But an artist has the freedom to imagine without thinking much about making it suitable for animation.

Little Jack

Look for the Story Behind Every Expression!
Little Jack Fishing

What You Observe is What You Create

There is an extensive amount of research that is required for character design. It is important to be observant of the world around which helps one to visualise and create characters. Realism plays an important role in character design. It’s not about copying a character but observing it and then executing it in one’s own way. Exaggeration is the next step. It depends on me how much one wants to imagine and also what the script demands. Across the process, one needs to have a strong visual sense to create an authentic yet imaginative character.

Look for the Story Behind Every Expression!
Mortal Heroes

Look for the Story Behind Every Expression!
Rajasthani Nomad

The Subject Chooses the Artist

Everything around an artist is a source of inspiration. It is the hunger of learning something new every day, to observe something new and to execute something new that keeps an artist going. It’s a big world out there and we have a lot to learn. Let yourself loose in these inspirations. And before you realise, these inspirations will automatically push you into imagining and creating.

Look for the Story Behind Every Expression!
Look for the Story Behind Every Expression!
The Funny Side of Technology

Look for the Story Behind Every Expression!
Rules But No Rules

Published in Issue 17

We tried to capture the time of chaos and confusion we all are in. How it inspires and influences creative thoughts. Starting with the cover design by Ankur Singh Patar, who captures the duality in the way we treat women. Followed by a conversation with Italian illustrator Giulio Iurissevich who explores beauty behind this chaos. And many more inspirational articles to explore. So Order Your Copy Now!


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