Packaging Design for Frolic Italian Cheese

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Frolic brand has become one of the experts in the making of Italian cheese in many different flavors. Since 1993, they are the leading supplier of various kinds of cheese in India. For their new variant of Italian cheese flavour, they approached the team of ‘DesignerPeople’ to come up with a unique packaging for it.

Italian Cheese

• Brief: Italian Cheese is the way forward

A large quantity of milk got wasted on daily basis in North India due to lack of dairy infrastructure. To make the use of that milk, Mr. Girish Juneja, the founder of Frolic, has decided to launch the cheese products in the Italian flavor as it has become trendy these days in India.

Italian Cheese

Challenges: Mindsets need to be changed

The first challenge was to understand the Italian food culture to give a native touch on product packaging in order to get an international look & feel.

But the real challenge was to convince the Indian buyers with an idea of unique cheese and butter, as fresh bocconcini and mozzarella salad cheese are relatively new to Indian market.

Italian Cheese

Solution: The Italian Cheese Flavours for India

With the help of customer insights, Designer People team proposed an eye-catchy and attractive ‘Hexagon’ shaped packaging for the butter.

The shape helped with the natural flexibility and also is convenient for the storage and transport.

As the brand wanted to highlight the ‘process of making Cheese’ being imported from Italy, Designer People included an Italian flag on the pack with the tagline “taste the real Italian flavour” to make it more evident.

Italian Cheese

The wooden texture background has been used to get the feel of a dairy farm, which overall convinces the Indian buyers to buy Folic’s product over the competitor products.


Successfully launched Folic products into the B2C market, communicating an effective value proposition. Customers well appreciated the packaging through positive feedbacks. Also, there was a gradual increase in B2C market sales along with existing B2B market.

Studio Role:

Package designing, Test Marketing, Positioning, NPD and Innovation, International insights.

Italian Cheese
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