20 Best Innovative & Inspiring Packaging Design

Inspiring Packaging

As people realise the creative hard work behind beautiful packs, this field is getting innovative. Packaging design plays an important role in the success of any brand or product. The goal of an inspiring packaging design is to turn projects into collectable and saleable items. It has to have strong visual appealing to stand out of the competition.


So, we have selected 20 best innovative & inspiring packaging designs, which will not just motivate you to create appealing designs but also give you update on current packaging trends.

1. Pen Packaging

Designed by: Wingyang

2. The Best Tea Time of the Day

Designed by: a.Design

3. Manjoor Estate’s

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Isabela Rodrigues

4. Paper Boat

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Elephant Design

5. Olio D’oliva

Designed by: Alessia Sistori

6. Topshape

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Sweety & Co

7. ACH vegan chocolate/ Limited edition

Designed by: Gintare Marcin

8. Kraftig

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Isabela Rodrigues


Source: Behance

10. Packed like Sardines

Designed by: Brandiziac

11. Aphrodite’s

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Midday Studio

12. Flour Beverage – Sattu

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Vikash Raj

13. Le chocolat des Français

Source: Pinterest

14. Motif Wine

Designed by: EN GARDE

15. Filirea Gi Wine

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Christos Zafeiriadis

16. Exotic Coffee Collection

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: ARTEMOV ARTEL

17. Smoker’s Teeth

Inspiring Packaging

Source: Pinterest

18. ASAP

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Elephant Design

19. Pasta Packaging

Designed by: Nikita Konkin

20. Milko

Inspiring Packaging

Designed by: Giovani Flores

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