Journey of Establishing Your Own Style as an Illustrator

Journey of Establishing Your Own Style as an Illustrator

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Illustrator Saurabh Chandekar explains how kept himself open to every brief throughout his journey of being an artist/ illustrator and how his style has evolved with him.

I grow into my illustration style with time and experience. It's a beautiful journey to try new things, always being open to new experiences and keep evolving. I never made any conscious effort at establishing my own style as an illustrator, but I always keep myself open to new briefs, a new point of views which help me explore the things differently.

For me this everlasting journey is more important than establishing my own style. But yes, a dominant hallmark of my character might stamp itself upon my work and that becomes my 'style'. But with me, not confining myself to any set style is my style.

So for me, it's a life process, I live, I experience, I observe and I express. My inspirations come from day to day lives, with time I think, I have succeeded in placing my own process to grasp them. Contrary to popular belief, inspiration does not necessarily have to come from only the extraordinary. My inspiration comes from 'the ordinary'. From the many things that come to us by default. In the course of my interplay with society, as a professional and as a private citizen; normal events, 'day-to-day' happenings tend to take on a different and unexpected form. Forms that you never would or could imagine. My art, my inspiration is not alien to my society. In fact, it stems from it. My art is the manifestation of my life experiences.

I am thankful to my dad Late Mr Sadanand Chandekar who was a very well known one-man stand-up comedian; he gave me that eye of detailing. He used to narrate diverse human characters, his storytelling used to always fascinate me about how beautifully one can convey unique characteristics of the personalities. I think that fascination has always been my inspiration; to pick that beauty and to narrate it through my art forms i.e. drawing.

Music always inspires me a lot. For me, good music is the most important part of my work ambience. I hear music in any language, instrumentals, abstract music, I play, I sing all these are styles of expressions. I read up on all kinds of subjects which help me do my research.

The creation in itself is blissful. The professions where creative activities go on to enrich your life quality, it becomes a pleasure journey than mere money earning, as I have to state that when you know that the money is not everything the creative profession brings, you heaven to live with.

Published in Issue 48

A Freelancer's Life in India! Every day, with a dream of 'Being Your Boss,' many creative professionals jump into the pool of freelancing. But many are not well prepared for the life of the freelancer, which brings many challenges along with benefits. So to explore further, we interviewed many freelance illustrators and designers to get answers to the question you should ask before taking the final call of becoming your boss! So, if you are planning to or have already become a freelancer then this issue is a must-read for you.

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