Issue 29

As the growth of a tree can be determined by the strength of its roots, in the same way, we can try to presume the growth of design by the quality of fresh talent. So we dedicated this issue to all the Design Graduates of 2015. It includes all the young talent from last year graduates to recent graduates and students who will be graduating in next few years. We also tried to understand the impact of digital medium on our design education and Ms. Deepti Pant, Heads – School of Communication, Media and Films at Pearl Academy shared her thoughts on the same in Vantage View section. We have featured design graduates from varied fields of design from most of the top colleges and institutes like MEER s MIT Institute of Design, DJ Academy, Pearl Academy, Symbiosis Institute of Design, Wigan & Leigh India and many more.

Stories Inside

Illustrations From Everyday's Life
2 min read
Illustrations with a human touch are what people look for and designer Ashwani Nagar understands that concept very well. His illustrations maintain the feel and emotion that resonate with people which ...
Jamming With Ink - Anoop Bhat
The Real Feel - Pankaj Bhambri
Loud colours, some fun elements with pinch of humour!
Taming Technology to Create Memorable Designs

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