Loud colours, some fun elements with pinch of humour!

Designs can make use of various modes of expression to meet desired results. Some are simple and minimal whereas some can be loud and boisterous. The latter is a path that visualizer Jalpa Shah takes on her designs. Using loud colour combinations, fun elements and some bit of humour, her designs are a perfect recipe for a memorable design experience. More on how she achieves what she plans.
Loud colours, some fun elements with pinch of humour!

Doing it the bold and quirky way!

The way a designer designs isn't their style, but rather their intention; their intention to get the message across in the most effective and entertaining manner. For some it might be simple and soft and for some designers, the bold and quirky route might be the shortcut to their viewer's hearts. For most designers, this happens autonomously without having to put much force into it. Bright stark colours, shapes and geometric patterns help attract attention and are eye catching. Such can be a sigh of relief, a stressbuster, especially in the world like today's where everything is so busy and monotonous.

Perfection lies in the hands of the beholder!

Even though technology has conquered the thoughts and imagination of many designers, the use of pencil and paper, the traditional tools of the trade, are signs of a perfectionist. One has to master the art of drawing on paper because that's how it is transferred onto a digital platform for enhancements and drama. The feeling of pencil hitting paper is like liberation for many, and inspires great imaginations to take raw shape. That goes in saying that versatility is highly important. Don't get distracted by learning about technology on its own, there's no point if you're not learning about the world around you.

First comes 'what', then 'how'!

Try and focus your designs on the end result. That will give you direction to achieve what it is you want. Whether it's a smile on the viewer's face or a brief for a client, when you can visualise the final expectations and reactions, the journey to achieve that becomes easier. Vibrant elements work to achieve that as they serve as eye candy and bring about a sense of understanding and content to the audience.

Word art is a complete picture.

Typography is a type of design that is gaining huge momentum and appreciation by people. Many designers are creating display fonts in unique styles and using traditional and modern inspirations. The aim is to illustrate type form which makes a complete visual when seen as a whole. These days, type is also a visual and when illustration and design are infused together with letterforms, the outcome is a beautiful narrative

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