A Dose of Design Inspiration #04

A Dose of Design Inspiration #04

We go through many interesting design projects each day and find them inspiring enough to be shared further. Projects which have the potential to inspire and spark multiple ideas. So, here are few selected one for this week's design inspiration, enjoy!

Supersize Them Illustrations by Alvaro Palma and Mr Misang

Typographic experiment by Velvet Spectrum

Knowing by Archan Nair

UnThinkable by Archan Nair

Branding and Packaging for 29 Gourmet Club by Xavier Esclusa Trias

LUMI by Roli™ by Peter Tarka

Masrouf Brand Identity Design by Baianat

Tarot Parrot by Aaron Pinto

Matriarch by Aaron Pinto

If you have any of your design project or someone else's, which is equaliy inspiring for fellow creatives, then share it with us on contribute@creativegaga.com

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