Archan Nair’s Journey to Become a Brand in Design Industry!

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Finding out what you are ‘born to do’, does not come easily for everyone. Archan Nair shares his story of finding his love for visual arts and how he established himself in this market.

Archan Nair
Altered Frequency

Only after a few years of starting his career in the fashion industry by joining his family’s apparel manufacturing company, Archan realised that he was not too fond of it. He then began experimenting with visual arts and in it he found a way to express himself, an escape to travel into a reality which was his own.

Way In

The beauty of art and creating something out of nothing took him by surprise, which got him exploring the subject deeper, leading him to the realisation that this is what he wanted to do all the time!


Archan quit his day job to start his journey as an independent artist and he definitely played his cards right! The decision of switching fields was worth the challenges that came in the way.

Freedom Jazz

Analog to Digital

Growing up from times when cable TV just started to dial-up Internet and the magical effect that the technology exhibited upon the use of tools on it, Archan was mesmerized to the extent that he drew inspiration for creativity using technology from his childhood seeings.

Archan Nair

In Archan’s opinion, digital tools offer many more opportunities for creativity compared to traditional tools and uses a mix of 2D and 3D art to design the kind of artwork he is fond of. He feels that just the way how general art has diversified itself into the forms of traditional art, sculptures, installations, digital-art and mixed media, digital art will also expand much beyond its existing parameters.


Taking on Challenges

Engaging with clients is challenging as it brings one out of their comfort zone, gets you digging deeper in to subject in order to align your work with the client’s demand and communicate in the best way possible. Dealing with clients, in other words, is a blessing in disguise.


According to Archan, obstacles are important and necessary, not just in the process but in day to day life, as they help in establishing relationships with ones’ work and aligning it to the energy outside.

Silent Letters

Obstacles are an integral part of any professional’s life, the most common being finding consistent flow of projects. Also, these obstacles refine a person and take him into a deeper space, helping him explore his own best.

Archan Nair

Love What You Do

The intention of creating illustrations was only a medium to express his inner journey and showcase his love for creation. It was nowhere close to getting himself famous or enjoying popularity among global folks.

Archan Nair

There aren’t any hard and fast rules laid down for marketing art and an artist. The process of creating an audience varies from person to person. All Archan believes is in that focus on creating and share what you create, the work will speak for itself and the rest will be taken care of.


Neither having the time or energy nor the strategy to brand himself, he follows his heart and does what he is best at, creating and is lucky enough to have everything fall in place for him. For Archan, this isn’t a race, it, in fact, is an open platform for people to bring out their expressions in their own unique style and serve as inspirations for others.

Dream in the Light


Advising the young and emerging artists, he suggests sticking to the basic things like creating, practicing, working hard, and not focusing on creating a brand. If that needs to happen it will happen on its own.

Crossing Beyond
Issue 44 - Creative Gaga

Published in Issue 44

Behind every successful studio, artist or designer there are stories of challenges, struggles and their unique solutions to these. With this issue, we interviewed many well-known names from the creative industry and found their different learnings and experiences behind making their own self as a brand. Though they all have a different take on this topic, still they all unanimously emphasise on focusing on their skills and quality delivery of the final outcome. So, if you are looking to establish yourself as a brand in the creative market or already in the process of it, this issue is a must read. Full of insights and inspirations from the best of the talents, this issue is waiting to reach your desks.


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