Medical App Cloudnine Designed for Care & Convenience

Medical App Cloudnine Designed for Care & Convenience

A medical app bringing care, comfort and convenience to your doorstep. Here is a peek behind the magician's curtain to understand the design elements and the effort that went into creating the Cloudnine Mobile application by Redd Experience Design.

Who are they?

Specialising in maternity, child care and fertility, Cloudnine Hospitals is one of the nation's largest single-speciality hospitals. Founded in the year 2007, the hospital caters to mothers' and children's needs, offering tailor-made services to ease and celebrate the journey of motherhood.

The Goal 

The journey to motherhood is as beautiful as it is tedious. This joyous journey can sometimes get overwhelming, especially with the number of appointments, scans, and doctor visits. Hospitals are an integral part of childbirth and pregnancy. Hence, the experience must be as seamless and easy as possible for expecting mothers. It is the objective that motivated the design for the Cloudnine medical app. The mobile application is designed to serve as a single interface for the entire hospital.


A single app to cater to the needs of patients, doctors and administrative staff alike can be quite a challenge. One must understand the issues faced by these separate factions and offer a single solution to eliminate all the troubles while also appealing to the aesthetic sense. It is imperative that the app eradicate existing problems and address the needs and ease the doctor's visits as much as possible for all parties involved. The issues commonly faced by patients, including booking appointments, keeping up with doctor's recommendations, procuring medicines, and maintaining medical reports, must be addressed, keeping in mind the patients' sensitive nature.

The Process

To design the most optimal app, a thorough study of the subjects and market research is crucial. After several interviews with patients, doctors and staff, the problems were identified and listed. Some of the most common and troublesome issues were appointment bookings, long waiting hours, means to reach out to doctors in case of emergencies, maintenance of medical records, and the number of staff one must navigate before the check-up. The solution for most of these issues lies in reducing middlemen between the doctor and patient. While this is a medical app, it must exude an aura of calm and elegance even as it reflects the vibrance of motherhood; the font, colour palette and style were designed to achieve this.

The Final Design

To decrease the time spent at the hospital, the app provides several services such as valet, status in the queues, among many others. The appointment booking is especially beneficial and hassle-free. Instead of allotting an exact time for appointments, one book a time slot and their status in the queue is designated based on their arrival at the hospital. The app also provides options to chat with the doctors and jot down questions prior to consultation, which can directly be accessed by the doctor during the check-up, a detailed consultation card with the doctor's recommendations, and an organised slot for the medical reports of the patient for easy access. This medical app goes one step further and offers various communities and groups where expecting parents can socialise. It also supports multiple account holders so that the partners can also access the app.


This app has successfully reduced the waiting time from three hours to one hour while also reducing the number of steps in the registration and appointment process. Since the number of middlemen involved has diminished, the process has become hassle-free. This being a medical app suite can be accessed by everyone, from top administrative officials to valets, thus seamlessly weaving the hospital's entire working.

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