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In the times where the number of users and their data decide the success of a brand or product, Lollypop, a UX-UI studio from Bangaluru, helping create engaging digital products for their clients. Here we have underlined a few of them.

User Experience - Lollypop Design

Client: Cricket.com
Platform: Mobile, Web

The Challenge

Cricket in India is more than just the sport, so it was a great challenge to meet the expectations of cricket fans while correctly identifying their pain points. Also, cutting through the strong competition and shifting a larger user base to cricket.com became another challenge.

User Experience - Lollypop Design
User Experience - Lollypop Design

Being information and data-heavy site with modules such as news, media, match stats and prediction engine; it was critical to creating a logical information structure and data grouping for the ease of understanding.


After research, the team came up with a logical grouping based on the interests of users. Research also highlighted that users had a higher player eccentricity. Also to capture the attention of every user group within the first five seconds, the relevant information was provided in the first scroll of the app.

User Experience - Lollypop Design


A card-based layout has been selected to provide a clear understanding of different types of information. Since it was a data-heavy website with different stats and matches, it became easier to guide users with a card-based layout.

User Experience - Lollypop Design

Also, strict grid lines were maintained across the mobile and web app version to help reduce the development time while maintaining design consistency. Used Oswald, a google font for its greater readability for numbers. And Montserrat has been used for the text as its geometric curve, it compliments Oswald well.

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