7 Print Design Trends that You need to Embrace now!

Let's deep dive into the latest print design trends, the revolutionising print industry and the brands that are already embracing this change.

While most designers have been putting all their effort and attention into the digital boom, they have completely missed out on the transformation and innovation that is offered by the printing industry. The advancements of printing technology today are perhaps every creator's dream, allowing for flexibility and unimaginable possibilities. Apart from this, the overdose of digital exposure, leading to rising digital fatigue, shows that a tactile experience involving all our senses is going to be the way forward.
A small segment of the design community is already capitalizing on these new advancements taking their work and their customers' experience to a new and immersive level. In fact, few are strategically complementing the digital creation with the physical experience of sharing unique print applications to their clients and their consumers.

Let's have a look at some of the developments from the printing world that can transform every designer's career.

Print Design Trends that are Here to Stay

1. Personalization

A personalized experience would any day win over a made-for-millions experience. And now we see brands custom-making their products, campaigns and print designs to connect with the specific expectations of their customers. The potential of this trend is explosive since designers can now create multiple variations for a few in a very seamless, efficient and cost-effective manner.

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