Tips to Design a Perfect Study Room or Work Corner

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Designing a room can be a fun experience but at the same time it can be tricky too. You can experiment with textures, colours, style, furniture and the feel. You can fulfil your dream décor in your study room because this room belongs to you solely. Perhaps, use classic, contemporary or new combinations for your study room.

Nowadays, there are several software and apps, which helps you to select the right place for each furniture and equipments in a room. You can try different layouts without physically moving the furniture and create different sample layouts.


These layouts help you to choose an appropriate look for your room. Every room has certain specific requirements based on its utility. Similarly, your study room too has certain specifics and it is very important to consider them while designing your study.


Enlisted below are some of the essentials, which you must look forward to if you wish to design a perfect study at your home:

Choose the Right Room

Every room requires a certain specific amount of space based on its functions. For instance, you cannot design a bedroom in a tiny space because you will end up having a congested room.


Therefore, your very first step should be to choose the right room for your study. One needs to consider the dimensions of a particular area before converting it into a bedroom, utility room or a dining area.


If you are fortunate enough of having multiple rooms you get the chance to select the room, which receives a lot of natural light and is spacious enough for you to enjoy your privacy.

Space to Move Around

Would you like to enter into a room, which does not have space wherein you can move about freely? Definitely, not and this is why you should make it a point to place limited stuff in your study.


Placing unnecessary furniture will increase your task of cleaning it on a regular basis and additionally it gives you a cluttered feeling. You feel the vibe of an unorganised room within that particular space. A de-cluttered room minimises the chance of you colliding with any furniture placed in the room.


You need a comfortable space to sit around and move especially while working. If your room is not especially spacious make it a point to place furniture that consumes less space. Comfortable space and layout allow you to carry out your task swiftly.

Decent Desk and Comfortable Seating

Purchasing a big desk might sound like a good idea at first, but it might not be particularly conducive if you intend to work on it for long hours. This is why you should search for options well before you actually buy one. There are several varieties of sturdy desks, which give you ample leg space and while at the same time offering a brilliantly finished look. Possibly, choose one such type of desk as they last longer and make your room look just perfect!


Apart from the desk, you also need comfortable chairs to sit in. Make sure that you choose a colour, design and style of chair that blends well with your new desk. Opting for two contrasts can be a challenging task as they may or may not look good together.

Shelves! Shelves!

It is important to combine the right types of storage together. For instance, in some spaces, you need a good amount of shelves which allow you to keep your favourite books. There might be other space where you need strong and secured cabinets to store your personal


You need space of a particular dimension to place your printer/scanner and the same goes for your file cabinet. This means that you cannot design same sized cabinets all through your study. You need a combination of storage types to store your belongings in an organised manner.

Space for Meeting

The study is a space where you think about all your crucial decisions and thereupon come to a solution. There is a high possibility that someone may drop-in or you may call somebody for a specific important discussion at your study.


For this purpose, you need an appropriate seating arrangement. Some individuals prefer an L-shaped seating arrangement. Others may choose a simple soft couch wherein 2-3 individuals can sit comfortably.


You can also opt for a seating arrangement, which allows two individuals to sit face-to-face with each other so that they can have a comfortable conversation. If you do not have space to place a couch or for any other kind of seating arrangement you can simply have your discussions at the coffee table in your house.

Lights! Lights!

Lights play a key role in any room. If you have sunlight pouring in through the window in the study, it will have a completely different look. The room will be more lively and vibrant which spreads a positive vibe.


On the other hand, a dark and shady environment with minimum lights will give your study an intense look. Make it a point to install the right lights so that you have sufficient light during the night as well.


It is suggested that you should allow natural light to flow in your study as it offers an optimistic feeling to you. You can choose to maximise the light effects by installing mirrors and light wall colours.


Extremely hot or cold temperature can be a huge distraction during your work. One needs a comfortable temperature to work in and one way to do this by installing designer radiators. Possibly, seek advice from a reputed firm that offers you a wide array of choices so that you can pick the best model available in your budget.


With the right temperature in your study, you can work unperturbed irrespective of the weather outside.

Pick a Corner

Loud noise and constant chattering can be a major cause of distraction. If you prefer to work in your own personal space and don’t like to be disturbed while working, make sure that you pick a quiet spot.


Perhaps, build your study towards the extreme corner of your house so that no pet, kid or visitor bothers you when you are working.

Personalise Touché

Although there are several guidelines to be followed while designing your study, you should not overlook your preferences. Your personal choices hold huge accountability while designing your study.


Mainly, your study should match your comfort level. It can consist of a piece of art that grabs your attention and an element that motivates you. For example, you can affix a painting that inspires to work hard.


You can opt for your favourite colour for the wall right in front of you and blend it with artistic texture.


Lastly, it is your choice which holds more significance because ultimately you are the one to work there and spend most of your time in that particular room.


It is important to keep your study neat and clean as it allows free flow of work and minimises your hurdle. Keeping your study clean and tidy means that you have kept all your important files, books, documents and confidential data at their secured spots.


Additionally, you do not have to search the entire study when you need them. Instead, you can simply grab them from their précise spot. You can probably clean your study once a month just to check that all your documents are kept properly. You can update the files with the
latest documents in due time.



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