Starscape Travel App. UI/UX Design
Starscape Travel App. UI/UX Design

Good UX design is a Value to Your Brand

Freelance UX designer, Arun Pattnaik advocates that your brand can either have good or a bad UX but ‘no UX’ is impossible. A well thought out user experience can create multifold value for any brand. He explains, why we should not ignore the finer details and focus more on creating a great user experience.

UX or user experience is what you feel while using a product. When a product makes you feel good, you know it’s designed well; if not, it means the UX is either badly designed or not designed at all. Good UX helps a product in increasing conversions, reducing abandonment, & building customer loyalty. This doesn’t just happen by accident. Apart from basic principles of graphic and content design, UX design takes into account issues of sociology, anthropology as well as cognitive psychology.

Let’s understand it with some examples of good UX.

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