Virtual Reality Giving Infinite Ways to Express Your Creativity

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Artist-painter Anna Zhilyaeva, tells us how the new medium of VR (virtual reality) in the field of sculpting and painting gives the possibility of infinite ways to express creativity on a three dimensional canvas, while still interacting with and keeping the observers deeply engrossed.

Anna combines her traditional artistic skills of painting and sculpting with computer graphics using softwares like Tilt-brush, Masterpiece and Anim VR to create a three-dimensional dynamic piece of art, which she calls ‘a painted sculpture’.

Different coloured virtual strokes create a painting, reminiscent of the impressionist style of oil paintings, revealing its hidden characteristics when viewed from different angles. Anna terms this as ‘Volumionism’.

In the present times, Anna says that design isn’t defined by form but by its creator and can be found in all walks of life. Nature was, is and will always be the most fabulous designer and the biggest inspiration.

Endless Possibilities in Virtual Reality

VR, alone and in combination with other softwares, can revolutionalise the world of art. Anna was impressed by the experimentation possibilities that VR provided to involve and surprise her spectators, and thus chose this as her medium of expression. Anna has been diverse in experimenting with VR and never felt the repetition of her art. She is looking forward to varied outputs of different talents working together on this platform.

Differentiating painting on canvas and VR, Anna feels that experience with photoshop and 3ds max helps in quick accustomisation to VR as a painting medium.

VR Has The Upper-Hand Today

There are various advantages of using VR such as re-sizing artwork as desired, floating in your work because of the absence of gravity, not needing physical assets like support structures, paints or canvas and after-cleaning!

The perception of work in the VR realm is very different from what’s seen on a normal screen and is not easy to show the process through a video.

VR is providing opportunities like experiencing different things without leaving the comfort of your home and transforming small and modest gallery spaces into huge and crazy ones.

There is a chance that VR might just completely overtake the human touch. But overuse leads to destruction and so maintaining equilibrium by interacting with and meeting actual human beings is important.

Future is Virtual with Real

Anna thinks the future will be living with holograms, AR and VR everywhere: schools, shops and transport. For instance, VR’s sensory stimulus can improve the efficiency of the education process by allowing to cruise a blood vessel, visit a growing foetus or even travel to another galaxy! VR won’t replace but will add value to the current institutions.

But, in these rapid-developing times, we need boredom and free-time to dream, imagine and create!

Anna suggests trusting yourself, taking interest in your work. In spite of ups-downs, likes-dislikes, keep working towards your dream to succeed. Reading, studying, watching films, visiting exhibitions, traveling and interacting with new people develops your personality and artistic expressions.

Be curious! Find your inspiration in anything you can!

Creative Gaga - Issue 55


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