Tutorial: The Techniques For Realistic Illustrations

Tutorial: The Techniques For Realistic Illustrations

The more you read, the more you learn and the closer you reach to become a perfectionist. Nithin Rao has shared his knowledge through a tutorial for an illustration, helping the learners grow at a faster pace.

There are certain things that one must be careful before starting out with an illustration. Nithin Rao mentions some of these things before instructing through a step by step tutorial for the creation of a digital illustration.

It is always good to have the scene and story set in your mind before designing character as this helps in better ideation while sketching, thus resulting in a rapid design development. This also eases out the process of research for references.

Read through this detailed instruction guide and create a realistic illustration.

Step 1

Start by doing a basic line sketch of your character, keep perfecting it until and unless you are fully satisfied with your sketch.

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